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Red Lion fasteners

Being a FNG to the forum this SUB-2000 forum reminded me that some of the carbon steel fasteners retaining my RL handguard had some surface corrosion.

Not wanting to further neglect this nice carbine anymore I figured I would remove the offenders and try to control the rust. Plan was to take them out with the intent of wire brushing and shooting them with some enamel. But matters took a turn for the worse…the head on one screw snapped off with no provocation. :flushed:

I was like WTF?! these aren’t torqued at all! :woozy_face: I thought I was screwed, no pun intended.

The hardened fastener resisted drilling and the culprit was in a location (front end cap) not conducive to clamping in the drill press vise.
But I persisted with a hand drill until I got a enough purchase with a small screwdriver and then heated with a torch to breakdown the threadlocker…talk about a little stressor.:sweat_smile:

Home Depot had SST screws one town over from me so I got on the motorbike and picked them up. They dont look too outta place. I kinda like it.


@Slowest They look fine but be careful, stainless is soft and those little allen screw heads can strip out.


No worse feeling than broken screw/bolt head… Good save :+1:


Id opt for torx over hex drive for SS stuff that small. Much more direct contact to the driver.


Ok, even though this is a low torque application, y’all convinced me to order some torx type screws.
While hunting for them I found Torx Plus as an improved version…but they only offered them in lots of 100.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, the original Red Lion screws ARE Torx Plus…+ rust. :upside_down_face:
Black oxide coating just must not hold up well in humid environments.


Torx plus is great. Most machine tool companies switched over to that years ago. Much better on the smaller sizes for sure. Good save getting the screw out.


Thanks! Crisis averted!:sweat_smile:
That procedure was the simplest and best option IF successful…the old square peg, round hole (interference fit). :crazy_face:

Othewise removing the Red Lion front sight to gain access to the end cap, #1, was the next step I was NOT looking forward to.
See the notation(blue text) below the Red Lion IPB attached below:

Ending on a positive note I called Red Lion and explained my corrosion issue and they are sending out a replacement screw kit FOC.
I really like a company that stands behind their products.:+1:t2:


Great Job @Slowest .