Red Dots For Pistols

You have probably read this already but for other folks I will paste this FOR INFO ONLY.

Looks like the 507c will work on the PDP



I did get the $149 deal. It works OK for me. The adjustments are not click adjustments, so it’s kind of mushy. And on top of that, there are locking screws to help it hold zero better I guess. But some genius at Vortex located the lock screws behind your rear sight. I had to completely push the rear sight out before I sighted it in. Then pushed the rear sight back in after I got home and cleaned her up. I’m not cowitnessing so not a terrible thing, but not optimal either. And just like the Triticon, the battery is underneath, so the sight needs to be removed to change the battery. But it’s a pistol, and we’re not talking about 100 yard shots here. So it shouldn’t lose too much zero. Those are the cons.

Now the pros. It is easy to see. The controls are easy too. Just 2 buttons do everything. Power on/brightness up. And brightness down or long hold to shut off. Supposedly it has a 14 hour auto shut off. I wouldn’t know if this works or not, I guess that would be more of a carry/duty option. As of yet it hasn’t lost zero, but I only have 200 rounds thru it. All in all I like it. The above features are kind of inconvenient, but for $150, it’s a great beginning to red dots. The Vortex Venom fixes these issues for about the same price, but it won’t fit into the PDP cut out. Otherwise I would have went with it. But I’m not upset.


I do hope you enjoy your new found adventure!
30,000 hrs. run life on the battery with a shut off of 14 hour interval.
Holisun 507c 50,000 hrs. at low setting with 5 minute turn off.

Make sure you run your sight at 3moa and low to mid brightness to extend the battery as you can.
I watched a video of the viper and saw the battery and it looks like the battery is not protected from elements. Be careful where you use it. 507c is in a compartment that is seal protected.


Any thoughts on a SCCY CPX-2RD ? It has the crimson trace factory installed. I am looking at one for my wife. Of course with the MCarbo trigger kit installed! At this time I don’t have any red dots on any handguns. I use them on mini-14s and the like and love them! Just looking for some feedback.


Check the specs on the Crimson Trace.
I had one that the batteries kept dying.
Find out what comes on it and talk to CT about expected battery life.
Watch videos on it. Once purchased you own it.

The battery is located UNDER it. so you have to take it off to replace

My advice would be to go to Crimson Trace’s website and read the installation and operation so you know what you are getting.

Call Crimson Trace and see if the optic can be covered by CT’s Lifetime battery program.

The laser I had ATE batteries. After going to the range 3 times it would die. Granted it is a 8 year old technology.
I have it mounted on my P226 and it is paddle operated laser and I KEEP my finger off it !!!

I really love the holisun 507c-x2.

I purchased a SIG romeo1 for my 365SAS. Once I opened the package and read and looked at it I put it back in the package and ATRE the money I spent. I can not even give it away for $75.00.


Good luck with OP: I placed an order with them for 500 rounds of 9mm in August, 2020. They promised delivery in 13 days. Then I got an email telling me the date had slipped to October, I think. Then they stopped sending emails but the shipment date kept moving into the future, sometimes by a month or two, sometimes by weeks. I ordered more ammo and it, too, keeps slipping. All now have been on order over a year.
At one point the most recent promised date for shipment actually slipped past the calendar date by two weeks without anything happening. I called customer service who told me the new shipment was not reflected in my account and I should expect it in two weeks. That was three months ago. The new shipment date is 12/12/2021. I do not expect it ever to actually ship.


@Cobbler00 My brother is in the same boat. He ordered some CCI .22 LR and I think some 9mm pre-covid, and he still hasn’t gotten it


My experience matches yours Cobbler00. I’m sure they want us to cancel the original order, and re-order at a higher price. I’m keeping my original order while scoping out other sites. If I find a similar price point AND available inventory, THEN I will cancel my OP order.

They advertised the 9mm / .22LR products I want but at a higher price a few months ago. I tried to write a review but they rejected it because it wasn’t “product-related” - I argued that it was indeed related, because if the stuff ain’t available no one can give feedback on it. Lost the battle . . .

Thanks for reaching out!

All the best,



I have NEVER liked OP, they sucked 10years ago.
Go to LAX ammo.
I search both sites and KNOW LAX beats OP for ammo.
Wednesday last week I purchased 3 /500 rounds of the nickel plated 115gr 9mm HP $206.00 with tax and shipping/ 500.
Was informed this morning UPS picked it up.
I compare performance to S&B of the same flavor.
I have been purchasing from them for 5 years.
\Ammo purchased includes 40S&W, 357sig, 9mm, 3802auto.

All calipers perform better than say BlaserBrass and on par with federal,and all the derivatives there of,Sig, fiocchi,SPEER, etc…

I have purchased somewhere around 10.000+ rounds from them. NEVER an issue.
Here is some on hand

Here is 357sig


9mm nickel

Has never been more than 5 business days from ordering and receiving. I also have a deal with my UPS delivery folks, at 10:30 most mornings when have been informed OUT FOR DELIVERY I know where he is.


I no longer deal with OP; I haven’t canceled the orders I placed with them just to complicate their book keeping. I order ammo elsewhere, including LAX.


Looks like a .357 sig is try to escape @Turmeric :roll_eyes:


Thanks for finding that


Growing up we had 3 High Standard revolvers like that in my fathers collection. A 6 in, 4in and a 2 1/2 inch. Duraluminum framed and a 9 shot cylinder. Also had a High Standard Double Nine, western style revolver that looked like a Colt single shot but was actually single and double action. I acquired one of them myself several years ago. Great little guns.


They really are.
I was lucky to find my example in its original box and it’s in very nice condition.


Here I am again :see_no_evil:
Trying to figure out a optics for my M9A4 Beretta.

Help Good Bad Ugly, what ya think.
$219.00 Optics Planet.

Color: FDE Attachment/Mount Type: Picatinny Included Accessories: Vortex OPMOD Viper 1x24mm 6 MOA Red Dot Sight, FDE , Vortex VX-RD-VRD-6-VRD-6-OP-KIT3, OPMOD VRD-6-OP



Larry :innocent:


@LarrySr, Do you have to remove it to change the battery? I like the ones with a battery tray. If you have to remove the sight to change the battery, you’ll have to verify zero everytime you change the battery. To me, 6MOA dot is too big. I prefer a 2 MOA but thats just a matter of your preference.


I only have a red dot on 1 of my many pistols. It’s Holosun 507C x2 on Walther PDP ,You might want to take a look at it.
2MOA chevron in a 32 MOA circle


Yes, you do have to remove it to replace battery. I think the MOA has a lot to do with a persons individual vision. :wink: A least that’s what I’m learning. Now for me bigger may be better. :grin:

Thanks for your feed back.

Larry :innocent:


That’s what she said


Thought you went down this path already?!?
Don’t cheap out on your red dot…especially for a firearm that worthy.
Bells and whistles count. :bellhop_bell::mega::partying_face::bell::loudspeaker: