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Red dot sight mount location PC 9, front/back, raised/low

:face_with_monocle: Whats your experiense with Red dot sight mount location on a Ruger PC 9 full chassis, front or back, raised (say 1") or the lower base plate. No need to co-witness.

Also, you think is better to istall the red dot to: the upper or the detachable chassis? :thinking:



Disclaimer, I have no experience with either of these. I would think you’d be best served with a setup that mimics the height of the OEM sights. This would keep your cheek weld nearly the same. Lowering (and/or raising) the RD would require you to hold/shoot differently and may adversely effect your accuracy.

Upper mount vs. chassis? I’d mount to the receiver. Try both and determine which works better for you. Target acquisition, speed and accuracy are all important considerations.


Expecting you are asking about the modern PC9 which is a takedown. If so … and if you actually take it down … optic mounted to barrel will keep your POI more consistent.

@Festus is spot on regarding height and cheek weld considerations.


Thanks @Dred and @Festus for your feedback. Will do the movement and will try. Saw another user’s video with the original Ruger Carbine model removing the rear iron sight to install a rail to mount the red dot stating the same logic.

He installed the RD direct to the rail. I’m considering mounting on a 1” raiser mount. Will not cowitness. Waiting for Fiber Optic 45° Offset Iron Sights (Flip Up) from usa optics.

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Just moved the Red Dot forward to the chassis using the 1” raiser mount, then visually pre-zeroed the sight at 25 yrds centering/aligning the barrel aiming to the center of the 1” target, then using the lowest setting zeroed the RD.

Processing: 55AC4C25-E05E-416A-AC42-D5C1A00677D8.jpeg…


Finally spent some time at the gun range. I felt very satisfied with the first 3 rounds zeroing the red dot at 25y. Adjustment was a different story as each red dot click was 0.5 MOA so I think I adjusted ok the vertical but the windage was a different story as I overdid it. At the end. I’m happy

First 3 group

after adjustment



Looks good. :+1: Now just practice to maintain your proficiency.