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Red Dot Sight For Kel Tec SUB2000 Gen 2


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About the only way I can get by with the rapid fire at the range is to feed ammo to the RSO. He likes some of the toys I bring for him to play with. He did pretty good with the S2K. Iposted those pics before.
I let him shoot with the SEEALL all the scattered shots. The sight took me about 20 to 30 rounds down range before I got the hang of it.
after he totally missed the orange bull I asked him if he was shooting with 1 or 2 eyes. He said 1. then i brought target to 10 yds and let he did the 2 shoots in the left bullthen I backed it to25yd he shoot slow but managed the 3one holer and high fliers. I finished off with the right target was satisfied and went home.
I guess I will have to take more.22LR to range with me to let him shoot more.


By the way the target is @25yds.and shot rested.
The guys in there shooting rental .223/5.56 and what ever else their egos will let them shoot drowns out the sound of a lowly .22lr. going off.


Do not be disappointed with your first results using the sights. It took me around 30 shots before I got used to how they work . You can see the results after sighting in and about 120 rounds of ammo.
My suggestion is, use with both eyes open.

Just FYI. I have the sight mounted on the Monstrum .50 riser 5 slot for the 10/22.
The height, as is ,when mounted on my S2K OEM rail is just over the front post.enough to be usefull without any adjustment.
If mounted on the UTG it is just low of the top of the post.
You might even want to use the adjustable Monstrum. That at it’s lowest setting would even bring it up about.25"


I think I like how SeeAll mounts on a 7 slot riser (not this one this is for example only) better than a 5 slot


Very useful info. Thanks


Thanks did it answer the question or did I get too far off point?


We’re good. I never did figure out the distances on the pics but that doesn’t really matter. SeeAll sight is due in tomorrow or Friday and I hope to test it over the weekend if the weather lets me get to the farm and shoot. I’ve built the crossbars and purchased the steel targets and hardware for a range setup so I’m hopeful my son and I can go down this weekend and get it installed and do some shooting.


So … I see the Tavor does modeling on the side. I stare at this picture waiting for Q’bert to come bouncing along. But it’s an outstanding presentation.


If you go to the top of this tread and read down all the info is here.


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It’s an old '80s arcade game with a very bouncy character going down “stairs”. :smiley:


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Thanks for the info. I guess I have led a sheltered life !!!


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I was a child of the '80s. Video games ruled the day and lead to me getting my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. :+1:


when I was a child all we had were punch cards.
And long lines waiting to see if our programs would run then edit the punch cards and wait again.
I went to Va.Tech. and would sit for hours to see results of a simple table of computations.
I wanted to work in surface mine reclamation. My background is in engineering and soils,environmental sciences.

I wish i would have went towards computers when I was young.