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Red Dot Sight For Kel Tec SUB2000 Gen 2


Cool…yeah I am open to a red dot that will work with Monstrum mount in my first post. Since I am building (2) S2Ks I want to keep my red dot optics in the $150 range since I am ordering one for each rifle. So I am still open to suggestions on what will work with the Monstrum mounts.
These are going to be steel target fun range plinkers. That said I would like decent accuracy out to 100 yds with a red dot.


Have you read my past post with info about Primary AMDS (post is above in this thread)?


@Turmeric1 What advantages do you see in the Primary AMDS over the less expensive Primary MD-RBGII that goes for around $90?

I broke down and ordered a SeeAll last night. Unfortunately someone had cleaned out almost all of the blemished stock so I had to get a new one, but they had a 20% off special which is what led me to go ahead and order one. If it doesn’t work out on the S2K, I have a couple of other firearms it might work on.


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Well brian you can go Primary arms open red dots. Select compare box below each item and read.
quick compairison1000/50,000 hrs battery life. 1 year/lifetime warranty better body material AMDS 1.2oz heavier lol lol Right now AMDS $50.00 more ($139)


Thanks. I had just looked at them on Amazon and was not aware of the comparison chart on the Primary Arms site. Those differences seem worth the $50 to me.


I think there are videos of them trying to kill the AMDS and it is TOUGH ! My oldest one is pushing 4 years.
Never had to do more than turn it on adjust it and turn it off.
The dot is listed as a 2moa dot. I run mine on the 3rd or 4th power setting and you can see the results from the pictures. the dot almost covers the red bull at 100yds. on Max power the freaking bull is just about covered
They are built by holosun.Primary Arms also sells Holosun’s


It will take you about 15 to 20 rounds to get used to it but then it starts to grow on you.
THe adjustments are very delicate. Read the instructions!!! Very little movement of adjustment screw and the shot moves.
Its a lot faster than open sights but not as quick as Dots. Just like dots your sight pattern stays on point if you move your eye off center.
I WANT to hear your response once you get it .


Thanks’ for the Above and the Great Help for all the pic’s and Explaining the Methods on Mounts
I bought all mine from Iron Eagle Tactical You’d think they would know and point this Out.:confused:


By the way everyone that can use this are very welcome !!!
What should they know ?
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