Red Dot Sight For Kel Tec SUB2000 Gen 2


just for folks trying this,

i gave up on the 45deg RD approach on the mlok’s…too difficult, all the trigonometry for zero, and plastic mlok’s too fragile

and, i just filed down the crown on the top rail, and mounted a qd there

range rpt to follow



@500c I am not advocating this approach, but you could consider mounting the sight horizontally alongside the barrel. There is an extended discussion of possible ways to do this, including a more stable M-Lok mount approach beginning at this post:



very interesting thread; thanks
i’ll play with my setup for now



ok…I’m using a Primary Arms RDS with a Midwest Industries mount for the Sub 2K Gen 2.
at 12-15 yards its hitting about 3" - 3 1/4 " low…(height over bore?)
the elevation turret is against the stop in the UP side…
any suggestions would be appreciated…



Which model RDS are you running?



Has anyone out there tried the Holosun HE403GL-GR Elite 2 MOA Green Dot Sight? Thinking about going over to Primary Arms and picking one up. Here’s a link to their sale.



its the Primary Arms Micro RDS…

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I have it in red. Love it. But I’m a sucker for the 65MOA helper circle, so …



Did you use it on your S2K? Did you need a riser with it or is it tall enough to be able to get a good cheek weld and sight picture?



It comes with the tall one shown at the link. It also comes with a shorty which I used on a half inch QR riser on the Sub 2000.

Sight picture was not a problem. I replaced it with the SeeAll on that same half inch QR.



Like Texprep said, use the high riser I have a similar design sight, 20mm TruGlo Triton, High riser made it a perfect co-witness on my gen 1 with redlion.
primary arms offers 5 different height risers, for that sight, how high do you need to go?



I was thinking I needed to be shorter? not really trying to co-witness…
point of impact is 3-3.225 in. low…shouldn’t have to hold over at 15 yds??:thinking::thinking:

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That sight should have something like 52 minutes of angle adjustment in both windage and elevation. That’s more than enough to move 3.5" at 25 yards. Did you file the top of the picatenny rail flat? I just mounted a Holosun, and with the advice of others here, I had to file off the crown on the pic rail to get it to mount properly. That Primary Arms sight looks like an exact copy of the Holosun I just got other than the fact I have a green dot.



Got a chance to take the new Holosun 403GL Elite green dot sight to the range today mounted on the new M Series S2K. Took me 5 or 6 rounds to zero in then it was on. 31 rounds of Fiocchi 115 FMJ @ 25yds. Was really pretty easy to sight in after getting it close co-witnessing with the iron sights at home. Also figured out that zeroed at 25yds, it’s about 2.5" high at 50 yds.



good shootin, there,Tex!!