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Red Dot Sight For Kel Tec SUB2000 Gen 2


The riser is just the poor man’s version of the over priced LaRue 1/4" cantilever riser. Leopold makes a very expensive one also. Mine was like $10 from a company called Tuff. The others are >$100, too rich for my blood. Tuff is steel just like the others. The vibration is because the cantilever is only 1/4" thick. The 1/2" has a 2nd player, a truss if you will, and is far more rigid and vibration would not be a factor. But there are a number of people that make 1/2" cantilever risers. I wanted 1/4" to have absolute co-witness. And fold down the rear sight when not in use.


Can you post a link? I checked your Perfect S2K thread before asking and did not see one there among all the others.


I am having a hard time finding it specifically. But the website is www.tufforce.biz


Even though the description says .5" it looks exactly like my 1/4 inch. This one is $8.89.


the only dot ive found to cowitness, out the box, was the tru-glow triton. get some pics later tonight. but that is running a red-lion fore-arm. using the low shim that comes with it.
ive finagled a aimpoint to work (gen 2) with a GG&G cantiliver mount, and with a surplus aimpoint mount for M4, but it wouldnt cowitness. got a fast fire to cowittness by trimming the shim(batt cover)trueglow%2020%20mm%20triton%20


pics on the Red-lion gen 1.

like i said not the prettiest bell at the ball, but it works…


I’m running the Bushnell TRS-25 Hi rise for now until the new MCARBO mount comes out.



would you say more about this setup? what mount/riser? where? removable? co witness both sights? foldable? stock/original steel sights?



@GOBLIN Finally got Off my Butt and Install my Thanksgiving Contest Red Lion Fore Arm
with Burris Fast Fire 3 and Their Mount’ Along with the new M*Carbo Folding rear sight,Which I Enlarged to 13/64 with Original Stock Front Sight. Perfect Cowitness.:sunglasses:


TRy Primary arms. they have an affordable dot and the battrey life is up to 5K hours, They also handle holosuns


@DivaMarie that dot pic was taken with the std keltec sights, before i changed the rear sight out… to the mcarbo folder. beside the bare bottom rail (to retain folding feature,rotate to top) that vert grip i have on it is ok, I use it on the rail on the front sight (redlion as well, sight/brake unit) I dont really like it that much, i prefer angled, but this one has a cree light (500cp) and a decent laser, so for now it stays, when the scope mounts from Chris hit the street, ( im going to have to modify to fit gen1) and i can leave the bare rail up top, i will go to a angled grip and separate light on the scope fold side… I want to use one of the TAO1’s so bad on this rifle i can taste it…


Hope this gives you somewhat of the end product.:sunglasses:


ok, i think i found it, thanks


I have the flip up rear sight and stock front sight. I run it with the rear in the down position and I the front isn’t co-witnessed. Will change to the MCARBO mount as soon as they are offered for sale!


thanks breno, v helpful


@500c Here is greater detail and pictures for you. You can see how the red dot is co-witnessed over my fluorescent green bead front sight. But usually I leave the rear folding sight down so the lens cover can open/close unobstructed.


@Gatekeeper Thank you for the better picture for Goblin! it’s what I was Trying to do with a Bad Camera’:sunglasses:


yep, the Tru-glow works out of the box for cowitness on the stock s2k - no futzing with stupid risers, etc. - it was the best solution for me!

(as an aside i got a cowitness setup on my Ruger Charger Takedown - but it involved:

  • Bushnell TRS 25

  • Whistlepig Acculite 10" barrel

  • NDS 23 front sight

  • UTG sub-compact rear sight

  • PMACA Takedown chassis

  • certainly not stock (but then again, it appears that few folks run the Charger in its stock configuration)

on the (currently) 58F Gulf of Mexico



Everything on my stainless Charger is stock except Kidd Trigger & Bolt/Charging Handle.


that’s the receiver and barrel i wanted! and whoa, that Kidd trigger/bolt assembly is pricey (but worth it from what i’ve read); i do have a Kidd charger/handle on my 10/22 Takedown…

gotta love those Chargers!

on the Gulf of Mexico