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Red Dot Sight For Kel Tec SUB2000 Gen 2


@Soundave You are likely to be satisfied following @GOBLIN’s advice but another sight at the same price point as the TruGlo that seems to work well with the S2K is the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25. Like the TruGlo, you should get it online from Amazon or another Vendor as I have seen both at pretty ridiculous markups at some of the big box retailers. The TRS-25 does not come with any riser mount but a half inch mount will perfectly co-witness it with the OEM sights.


Just a note of warning … price shopping the value red dots can/will get you stuck with a counterfeit. No joke! I’ve got three different guys with confirmed counterfeit TRS and Truglo dot sights discussing it on a local board.

The logic of counterfeiting a budget sight instead of a 1k Trijicon defies me. But, I suspect that the dealers selling high optics catch them before they hit the salesfloor.


sorta know the answer to that dred, out of the budget sights, when one goes fizzle, people usually don’t call the manufacturer, they just can it and get something different. you get a ACOG 999.00 and up , you send it back. knock off seller, don't want the trouble. easier to sell 50 and less sights that wont cause a ripple in the pond. cause the first thing the manufacture asks when you ship him a broke dot to replace is "what ebay vendor did you get this from/? and if its a trijicon, they will go after em… seen it happen with knock off RMR’s/


@Dred I should have mentioned that but there are steps you can take to minimize the risk. When choosing among the various sellers on Amazon, be sure to select one that indicates the order is being “fulfilled by Amazon”. That may not totally eliminate the risk, but it means the stock is in an Amazon warehouse and Amazon is actually shipping the order. It would take a pretty brazen counterfeiter to store a bunch of counterfeit goods in an Amazon warehouse for Amazon to deliver.

If the listing is eligible for Prime, then the Seller’s return policy must meet all of the requirements as those for products sold by Amazon whether you use Prime or not, so that is another failsafe to look for. And even if the seller does not provide or honor the guarantee, you probably will still be eligible for Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee.

The best security, however is Prime eligibility and the fulfilled by Amazon notation.


I just added a Romeo5 sight to my S2k and of course the iron sights were directly in the way. I removed both iron sights which was a lot easier than I expected.
The taller mount that came with the sight was the perfect height but now I can’t fold it. Suggestions?


what generation Sub, and got a pic? if your a stock forearm, you will have to remove red dot to fold.
MCARBO is coming out with a dot/scope mount soon to alleviate that issue .
for the earlier Gen1, REDLION precision sells a clocking forearm to rotate scope out of fold. . they hold zero as well. have one on my gen 1.


Also recently bought the Romeo5. but put it on my AK-47. I would suggest doing what I did and go with a good quick detach mount. Easy on and off in seconds and maintains zero.


It is a gen 2, will post pics shortly.


What mount did you use??


you trying to co-witness with the iron sights or leaving them off?

something like this, Quick detach, (lever) 5 slot (you can get longer) .500 (1/2) rise

prices can run anywhere between 125$ from GG&G to 13$ on ebay. depends how much or lil you wanna spend my friend.


I removed the iron sights and I like you quick detach


All Things SUB-2000!
hi, i’ve read i think all the posts on these subjects and forgive me if i’ve missed the appropriate ones, but here goes:

i too am looking for optics solutions for my gen 2. a red dot at these distances seems ok (i’d actually prefer iron sights, but all the info and miss info and generational changes, and mcarbo’s lack of response to my calls re sight improvements have left me out in the cold).

so i looked of course at midwest industries and am worried about all the reported hold-zero pbs.

so i am now considering a 45deg mlok solution, but, here’s the q:

with ALL the solutions, where does one place one’s head if a/ the optic is offset or b/ the optic is very high? maybe higher than the front sight?

this rules out a cheek weld, right? so how do you shoot this baby w/o a cheek weld? do you just get used to it?

sorry if this is a stupid question, but i’ve looked…and no luck



You cant the gun and run it like this with a 45 degree offset sight.


aha, i see, thanks.

as for putting it on the picatinny up top, wouldn’t it have to clear the sights (or co-witness at least) and thus raise your head and compromise cheek weld?


and of course, there is the question of whether (in this example) the height of the optic, at 45deg, is too much (not in his case apparently) much for getting the face on the buffer tube


Nutnfancy shoots with 2 different offset mounts. His review is kind of long and he talks forever. Try to make it through first 20 minutes. LOL


tnx, will do…


What worked for me (at least until MCarbo releases their mount) was to use a 1/4" cantilever mount that allows me to absolute co-witness. I had to put a rubber bumper to prevent vibration causing brief momentary dot blur. I typically shot 3 shot bursts in 2 seconds. The bumper resolved that. Thumb screws let me put it on/off quickly and still keep perfect zero. It is a $45 Truglo 2X magnification red dot.


so that means the rear sight is unusable, right? but the red dot just happens to line up w the front sight?

what/ where did this rail come from? what is it?


Yes rear sight still usable. Just so happens to be folded down in this pic. When up it is right in front of the optic where your initial focus is anyway. You can see where the rear peep sight would be in relation to the optic in the pic.