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Red Dot Sight For Kel Tec SUB2000 Gen 2


@JoeFridaySays and @GOBLIN I like the creedmore sight…not sure where you could mount it though.

Of course thats a whole lot of wasted precision on a carbine! But the offset mount may make it possible?


@Johnksg One quick test if the sights are co-witnessed is to look through the rear peep at the red dot. If the multiple dots coalesce into one then you may have astigmatism. For reasons I do not fully understand, the small aperture sharpens the dot by restricting the light rays entering your eye to only those that are directly parallel and by excluding the extraneous reflected and refracted rays that cause the multiple dots. For the same reason, using the rear sight with the red dot is a workable solution but it negates most of the benefits of the red dot.

That same phenomenon, however, means that polarized lenses will achieve the same thing which is something I plan to discuss with my eye doctor. It would be great if a second set of prescription glasses or better yet some relatively inexpensive clip-ons allowed me to use red dots.


I seriously explored the tang sight option but could not come up with a viable way to mount one that wasn’t ridiculously Rube Goldberg.
Yes, Creedmore is overkill, but a basic tang sight may be an option.


@JoeFridaySays once again I have learned something new! This why I like this forum.

I just checked on wife’s S2K only see multiple dots on highest settings (plus a lotta glare) same through peep.

Thank you though for the tip!


@JoeFridaySays I am curious why not modify the existing rear sight?

Never mind…I just realized that was a silly question due to difference in eye relief! :astonished:


First off, glad to hear you do not have astigmatism. :+1:

And you just answered your own question - I am looking for a single plane solution for that reason.


@GOBLIN I’ve seen some of your other posts, so keep in mind that your shop skills are considerably more advanced than mine. I grew up on a farm and worked real jobs to put myself through school. And I’m good with my hands, comfortable working with tools, mechanically knowledgeable and do most of my own home repairs BUT I’m still a trial lawyer whose main job is riding a desk. So what looks easy to you is likely to be a real challenge for me; yet still very much appreciated.


I see one way to mount it, I think, it would require removal of the rear sight, and a QD rail lock with a flat plane gooseneck over the receiver, maybe a bumper, maybe not , you would have to pop it off (thus the QD) to fold but i dont see a alignment issue with that, firearm is a 9 mm, not going to have the recoil of a 45/70 and up so flex wouldnt be a issue…

I got some old bits and bobs laying around, let me see what i can fabricate out.
the usual machine, weld, repeat as necessary except (for me anyway) on something fun…


@Turmeric1 “I am sure at your age you KNOW the meaning of ignorance and the consequences of those that don"t.”

I sometimes think that is the case but at other times I am not so sure. :thinking:


@GOBLIN - Tang Sight Mount
It suddenly hit me Buck that something like the MCarbo Sling Mount might actually be a good starting point for a Tang Sight Mount. It is in roughly the right place, the firearm folds with it mounted, and we know it is secure enough to hold the weight of the gun so stability should not be a problem. I’m going to give it some more thought, but I wanted to mention it to you as well in case it gave you any ideas.


I have an astigmatism in my dominate eye and had to get prescription shooting glasses. Its the only way for me to get a clear pic of my front sight. I used my regular bifocals, until I caught some brass and scratched them, and then got an eye doc to update my prescription with a mild magnification on both lenses and placed a bifocal in the upper of the right lens only. Now I see clearly mid and long distance and instead of having to raise my head to see I can dip my head down and look straight out of the top of my glasses. Like my regular prescription, it wasn’t cheap, but has really helped make shooting more natural. Now I can hit the broad side of a barn, just has to be a really big barn!


@d.Ag I’m glad the small bifocal in the upper of the right lens worked for you and glad you posted about it. That is in fact one of the things I intend to discuss with my eye doctor when I see her in January and is the exact viewing spot and angle shown in the photo in my post about astigmatism above. I do have to be cautious with the “shooting glasses” solution though since I spend at least six hours daily reading or working at a computer and have to keep those requirements paramount. For example seeing clearly only at mid and long ranges would not work for me. I would still need the bi or tri-focals for the close work. So my doctor and I will be having an extended talk. It may be that we settle on a polarized clip on solution that allows the use of red dot sights, the shooting glasses insert with my regular prescription or some combination, but we shall see.

It is good to know someone else with astigmatism found something that works for them. Do the shooting glasses also work well with red dot sights or do you still see a cluster of dots?


@JoeFridaySays got 2 mounts im working on for a short bed tang sight (Marlin) (lil over a inch long base) one is a 2 piece clamp that goes around the tube sleeve, like a sling mount, waiting on the sight to arrive to finish cut, second one, was incorporating the 2 ears on the existing sight mount on a layback, only problem with it, and play with it when the sight gets here, is being able to fold the rifle
went with the Lyman vernier tang because of the base…


@GOBLIN I appreciate the effort but don’t kill yourself on something that may not even work for me.
And I don’t have much to invest at this time of year either. But I do think the sling mount base may be a great concept for a tang sight whether I can use it or not.


aint no big thing, I tend to keep my hands busy, when they idle i tend to do stupid things and get my tail in a crack…:+1::+1::+1::+1:


After watching the torture test on this RD I think I am sold. Took a hell of a pounding and still on target at 35-40 yards


@Flogrown Looks like a nice enough little red dot and something I would probably try but if you are dropping your weapon on the ground or a rock let alone tossing it 20ft. then maybe you need to get a better grip on your weapon? :thinking: And if someone shoots at you hitting your optic with a 12ga. you probably won’t be around to see if it’s still working :frowning_face:. Reminds me of those “AS SEEN ON TV” commercials where they drop the flashlight from the fifth floor or drive over it with a big truck. But I guess if it helps sell a product then go ahead and beat it up (hard for me to watch :see_no_evil:), just glad it’s not my gun being thrown around. Thanks for the video though, another red dot to look at. :+1:


@dave67 I was cringing every step of the way on that test holy crap


I just bought a 2k today.
Which truglo model does she use?


I know for my Gen1 with a redlion fore end, True Glow Triton 20mm. 3 color, red,blue,green,comes with 2 shims low and high, uses a common over the counter size battery.

perfect on co-witness out the box. had mine for a while. no drift or bump, can see in daylight, 3 power settings. not the prettiest belle at the ball but they work.