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Red Dot Sight For Kel Tec SUB2000 Gen 2


I was born in '69 so, as a kid, I was lucky to be on the '80 explosion of the affordable home computer. Anyone before that era would have had a much harder time without that kind of easy access. My first home computers were the Commodore VIC-20 and C-64. I learned a lot on those machines.


@Wedge I’m a little older than you, my first computer was a Radio Shack TRS then I moved up to a timex sinclair. Been hooked playing with them ever since. Wish I still had the old ones, probably worth a few bucks.


Mods done Geisslele trigger pack and bow. Manticore recoil pad. Sights and FabDefence bipod. 18.5" barrel


We had those in school. The TRS-80. We called them “Trash 80s”. LOL But, I loved the Lunar Lander game on those.


@Wedge Back then there was not much choice of what we could get our hands on. I was always envious of the group of crazies out in California . They had the brains and the money to invent all the neat stuff that I wanted to get.


I was born and raised in CA, so take that for what you will. :rofl:

My parents moved us to AZ in '87 when I was 17 and it was the best thing they ever did for me. :+1:


The drawing isn’t to scale. The four steel targets are all 3/8 inch thick AR500 steel but when I started shopping the components, I found that 8 inch diameter targets seemed to be the “sweet spot” in terms of pricing and value. I bought a 3-pack of pre-painted ones for $61.00 with free shipping then the fourth one cost nearly half that to purchase by itself. So the steel targets are smaller than they appear in the illustration, but an adequate 8 inches.

The key to the whole thing was these inexpensive T-Post hangers I found. There are a lot of very expensive T-Post mounts and hangers out there, but these are designed to work with 2x4s which fit my plans perfectly. They will allow some tilt which was a problem for the two outside posts with unbalanced steel targets. I solved that by adding a small extra piece of 2x4 with a routed groove that straddles the T-Post and locks everything vertically. Given the weight of the steel, the 2x4s are bolted to the hangers rather than screwed.

The total cost of the completed project was around $250. My original estimate was lower, but I had not purchased much small hardware in a while and all the screw eyes, bolts, etc. were substantially more expensive than I had projected.



Great Pic’s, A shot of your View down the rail at Frt sight would be cool ? But with all your guys input on this I Got the Picture !


I win the Nerd award! I still have working Atari 800 and 1200 Computers and a disc drive. They are not actually set up at the moment though. I also bought back up accessories (joysticks, paddle controllers, etc.) right as sellers were dumping the last of their stock.


how about a bigger picture ?
I want to see pictures afeter 200-300 rounds with no repaint ?


Is this the picture you wanted

or is this the picture you wanted ?

Or did you want a picture of the ACSS reticle
I have a question ! Do you think it is co witnessed ?


No All’s Good Really want to see the View of the See All’ with the Orange Chevron when one of are Members get his.


oooops I am sorry !!! Too many hours in the attic today.


What did I miss ? DId I screw up again ? I AM cornfused! @johnksg might understand


OK I think that would be nice ALSO


Is this a permanent install or a mobile thing ?


If we make it down this weekend, I’ll take before and after pics. If not, I’ll be taking the SeeAll to the nearest Range. My existing half inch QD mount was tall enough to give a clear view over the front sight. I think it is from Mizugiwa. As with your Aimshot though, the SeeAll looks a bit canted on the mount. With yours and mine both having the problem, that makes me suspect SeeAll as the source rather than the mounts, especially since yours did the same on multiple mounts. Did you end up shimming yours, returning it, or what? I wonder what @Dred can add regarding his experience?


I was in the swamp waters of Trout river '69 when the “man on the moon” thing happened getting laid.


Only the posts will be “permanent” and even they could be put in concrete in 5 gallon buckets if you wanted it fully mobile. The mounts allow lifting everything else off and storing it in the garage or barn or tossing in the bed of the truck and bringing back to the big city.


I bought a Monsrtum .50" riser and it solved the problem. I need to research who told me about monsrtums but I think they were about the same price. Did you see my pictures of how the Monstrum, with no sight adjustment CURED MY ILLS ?