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Red Dot Sight For Kel Tec SUB2000 Gen 2


Any thoughts on a good Red Dot sight for a sub 2000 gen 2? My $18.00 red dot gave up the ghost…won’t return to zero.

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I’m probably going to get something from Vortex. Good mid-range gear with a lifetime warranty. Great company all around.


I have a vortex sparc II. It does a good job holding zero even with taking it on and off a lot. I’ve only had a couple months but it’s done well for me.


I just put a 2 MOA Vortex Crossfire red dot on mine with a Midwest Ind. swivel mount. Love the combination!
S2K still folds as it was designed to.


I am currently running the Bushnell TRS-25 Hirise Red Dot. I like it a lot!!


I run a Holosun with shake to wake. I like shake to wake 'cause there is a circle dot every time I mount the rifle - no fuss. I’m a big fan of the circle dot reticle. It’s under $200 but mirrors the performance and features of much pricier dot sights.


I really have been tempted to put red dot. If I did I would go with the holosun acss great reticle.
Each time I go to range with the sub 100 and 200 yard shots seem rather easy . I take painstaking time to zero at 100. Then paint front with orange neon model paint 3 coats after 3 coats of white base
Easy to see and acquire. I am 60 years old with the need to wear tri focals.

The rear peep does one heck of a job for me.



@Dred Yes, big fan of the donut reticle.


I run Holosun optics on all of my rifles, and the ones I own run between a simple red dot ($120) to a green holosight that’s solar powered ($300). It’s all up to what you want to spending your budget. There’s an option at every price point, but as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’. The most popular and durable optics start at around $75-100 such as the brownells and sightmark. mid/high range $100-300 vortex, primary arms, holosun, C-more .High range $350-$800 Trijicon,EOTECH, aimpoint.


Holosun 510c green reticle is the best sight I’ve ever owned. I’m a big fan of Eotech 65moa ring, I think it’s perfectly suited to quickly acquire human sized targets.


Burris Fast Fire, Lifetime Warranty, No Problems with my 2 or 3 ! I prefer the (3) for the Old Man Eye Thing!


I’ve put a red dot on my s2k co witnessed my factory sites but as must people see it tears up s targets and when you fold it up blows there minds


I just found these on sale but have no idea how good they are. Thought you might be interested…


I have a problem with seeing either the target…or the front site… depending on eyewear. I have the opposite of most people my age’s (65) vision issues…I can see everything up close…like within 20 ft. or so, but beyond that I need my prescription corrected glasses.
Problem is, when shooting the Sub 2K, If I use my non-scrip glasses as eye pro, I can see the target, with the iron sights (KelTec front, M Carbo rear)… but with a Bushnell TRS 25 red dot the front sight is totally blurred. If I use my scrip glasses the front sights are totally blurred but the target is sharp, at around 25 yds distance at the range.
Any suggestions?
I’m beginning to think I’m just not a long range shooting candidate…unless a magnifying optic is the answer?


If you are using the red dot, you don’t need to pay attention to the front sight. Just zero the red dot, and use the dot.


I had a similar problem until I had cataract surgery last March. Now I see perfectly except instead of being able to focus on close objects (like my phone or PC) I need to wear reading glasses. Like “godallmightly” you don’t need to look at the front site if you’re using a red dot, but you’ll need your distance glasses to see the target.


@phreaticus53 Try seeallopensight.com Some very interesting optics that might solve your issue.


@Dockmarlin I have the Leapers UTG ITA Micro Dot with QD mount on a .22 and it works fine. Great little red dot for the money.


phreaticus53 – One option I use is a diopter (would have to look up the make/model), or some electrical tape with a small hole punched in it stuck to my glasses. I’m on my 6th pair of bifocals, and the tape or diopter stuck on the glasses will crisp up a rear peep sight quite nicely (I use it at CMP Garand meets). Weird how it works, but a cheap/simple work around. You have to move it around some on your glasses to find the sweet spot. I know I can wear my reading/computer glasses with a scope, but I have the same issue with iron sights that you do.


I had a cheap Red Dot mounted on my Sub 2000. If I took the sight off, it would never return to zero. I could get it back on target using the elevation and windage knobs. While I am waiting for my Red Dot Holosun to arrive I started searching on the net. There was some discussion about the Picatinny rail on the Kel Tec not being flat. When I checked my gun, sure enough the rail wasn’t flat on top, I think that is why the sight would not go back to zero when remounted. I followed the instructions on how to file the rail flat. I used a wood sanding block and 200 grit paper, it took about 15 min. to sand the rails down to flat. I only did 4 slots, I don’t know how many will be used with the Holosun sight. Go easy the sands down fast.