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Red Dot Magnifier

Looking at a magnifier for my Vortex Cross Fire Red Dot on my PCC9.
Vortex has a Micro 3x that looks good, is compatible, saves space…but pricey!

The Vortex warranty is lifetime…like that a LOT! :grin:

Anyone have experience with this magnifier?

$299 @ Amazon:

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I don’t. But I can tell you that good glass costs. That Amazon offer at $299 looks like a deal.

I have an EOTec G33 Magnifier which is very likely comparable. The G33 is worlds better than the magnifiers I tried in the $100 to 200 range.

I have a Vortex LPVO with great glass for the price point. I would bet on that magnifier to be a great value.


@Dred Thanks for your input here. :v:

Optics Planet also lists it for $299 and free ship. With a 10% discount ($269),and already having the Crossfire Red Dot, I’m pretty set on pulling the trigger on this one.:grin::boom::boom::boom:


I did order the Vortex Micro3X for my PCC9. Won’t fit on the Ruger Picatinny “STYLE” rail…:rage::rage::rage:

Ruger rail is out of spec…too wide and too low…:rage::rage::rage:

Here’s the Ruger fine print on all PCC’s:

“† NOTE: The receiver-mounted, Picatinny-style rail is designed to accommodate most optics and optic mounts intended for use with Picatinny/ MIL-STD 1913 rails. However, due to reduced clearance between the top of the receiver and the bottom of the optics rail, optics and optic mounts that extend more than .275" below the top of the rail may not fit the PC Carbine™. Ensure that the optic or optic mount you intend to use does not extend more than .275" below the top of the Picatinny-style rail when installed.“

Talked with Vortex and they know the Ruger pic rail is a fake.

Vortex made the mount for the Crossfire Red Dot with a little more play…that’s why it fits on my Ruger rail.

Sent the Micro3X back to Midway and got my money back.

Got Vortex to send me just the mount to try to adapt…too many tight tolerances to hack on IMHO.
Thank you to Vortex for assisting me! :raising_hand_man::grin:

1- Mill the fake pic rail off the Ruger rail and attach a REAL picatinny rail.

2- Call KIDD and Volquartzen and ask them when they will make a quality receiver with a real Picatinny spec rail for the PCC line…like they do for the 10/22.

“IF” the Ruger rail was correct, they could have also made better front/rear adjustable irons…and an adjustable butt stock riser pad.

So I also checked the bottom rail of the Ruger forstock…it’s a REAL picatinny…:face_with_monocle::scream::rage::rage::rage::joy::joy::joy:

The SAGA continues…To be continued…:boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:

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Dang! Shame on Ruger!


All the reasons and proof why to go with a Vortex Red Dot and Magnifier…for me…:face_with_monocle::boom::boom::boom:

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second on the EO Tech G33, as many rails as its been on, and as many hits as its taken, no issue with magnifier or mount.


@GOBLIN They were the first alternative option I called. Won’t fit on the Ruger rail…did not want anything to do with the fake rail…nice person on the phone…:sunglasses:

Also…like the Vortex LIFETIME owner transferable warranty verses:

EOTECH guarantees every product to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of ten (10) years from the manufacturer’s date or customer’s proof of purchase. See EOTECH’s Prestige Warranty details for more information.