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Red dot for a .22 rilfle

So my girlfriend has a Mossberg 702 plinkster that is missing the front sight. I can’t find a front sight for a reasonable price so I am going to put a red dot on it instead. I’m looking for a decent red dot for around 50 bucks.

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Ruger has an ITA 4.2" red/green dot with QD mount that’s not too bad for $65 plus shipping.


I put it on my PCC and so far it’s doing fine. Note - it does NOT co-witness with the PCC sights.

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:eye:‘ve got the same red dot on my 10/22 takedown as my PCC9…it’s a 2 MOA Vortex.

Cost is now around $100…the lifetime warranty on Vortex products is the best :eye: know of. :sunglasses:

:eye: use the skeleton high mount, which allows me to use the Williams Ace in the Hole Peep Sight and Fiber Optic Front Sight for Irons…which is also dead on.

Also have a laser mounted.


This has been working great for me and for the price - $29 - its hard to beat. I’ve actually bought it for $20 but I guess demand has gone up.

CVLIFE Red/GreenDot


The Bushnell TRS-25 is a good sight for the money (around $75-90). If you can spend a little more, I like the Holosun.


Sweeeet…impressive sight options on a Pretty gnarly 5×5 okey dokey artichokey platform,but isn’t it a wee bit over kill laddy,I meen to shoot skunk load at squirrels? :crazy_face: :boom::gun: :chipmunk: :skunk: :dash: :dizzy_face:

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@Lurch :eye: know you wish you had one just like it…:sunglasses:

:eye: would never shoot at a squirrel…well only with my wrist rocket sling shot and 38 cal steel ball bearings…and that kharma broke a vent on my composter when :eye: did…:scream::rage:

That setup matches me PCC9 and so does the velocity…exactly…:eyes::sunglasses::boom::boom::boom::eye:

If :eye: had to carry on foot long distance it would be with the 10/22…not the PCC9…:footprints::muscle:

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Nice looking set up. Does that have the mag clamp that holds three 10rd mags together? I have one of those along with a couple 25rd stick mags for mine.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl::laughing: :laughing: :crazy_face: :boom::gun: :chipmunk: no really,it’s bad arse,I coulda used it and some snake load here the other night when some nutt job squared of against me,chest butting me,barring me access to my door and phone and tried to make me draw on him.that could have turned out really ugly. :roll_eyes:

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Thank you!

Yes it’s the Trimag with three 10-round clear mags…and the Ruger dust covers.

It’s a “mag-pod” ahead of it’s times.:sunglasses:

:eye: also installed the crisper BX trigger pack from day #1.

:eye: have some BX 25 round mags but never ever use them…too much hanging down…

:eye:’ll take 30 compact rounds any day…
and load the mags with different ammo.one just for stingers.:boom::boom::sunglasses:

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Rat shot won’t cycle properly with a semi :sunglasses:…but tracers do… :heart: :green_heart: :white_heart: :orange_heart:
you will need one of these…:grinning:


That will definitely work

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How do you like the BX trigger, I have thought about putting it in mine. I had the sporter stock but replaced it with an ATI M-4 style one. Lets me practice some “AR” techniques much cheaper than with .556 ammo. Do love those stingers, always have those with me when I’m afield. Have a stockpile of about 5000 of those.


@Dane Love it …definitely lighter/crisper. Beware…:eye: shot it after my PCC9 and had a few accidental discharges…scared the crap out of me!..much lighter pull :scream:

The new OEM trigger pack that came with the new takedown went in my 1986 Ruger 10/22 that came with an awesome RamLine Pistol Grip and AR style folding stock someone put on it. I still need to drill the back of the receiver so I don’t have to pull the barrel for cleaning and lose the laser zero.

Haven’t played with that one for a long time for that reason.

I did order the M*CARBO trigger spring kit for the 86 Carbine…so I can compare to the BX Pack…should be interesting…:smiley: it’s on me kitchen granite island with the second tritium/fiber optic sight set… idea I got from you recommending for my Glock26 Gen4 (thank you very much)…

The second set is going on my PCC9…and me new 18th Century Naval Cannon is on the island too…:boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:


My favorite 10-22.

This is the nicest trigger for a 10-22, it also is all aluminum casting:


I use them in all my 10-22’s except one which has a BX trigger.
Worth every penny IMHO.
There is history here too as Jerry Miculek’s wife Kay is the daughter of Jim Clark Sr a renowned gunsmith and founder of the company. Their daughter Lena is a former shooting world champion.
Good old fashioned quality and service from them too!


@AV8R That’s a nice looking shooter there, like the gig bag as well. :+1:


Thank you!
The bag comes with the Charger, just one of the things that makes it a great deal.
I’m in the process of changing the brace to a folding option to make the whole ensemble a little lighter.