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Recommended Microcompact For Backup Gun


@lonewolf I know all about LWD, I have their Alpha Wolf threaded barrels in my Glocks.


Got the Glock 43 for my wife. I agree on the trigger so I installed an Orange County Custom trigger. About $125, but what a difference. It has adjustments for pre-travel and for trigger reset. Trigger now has a much shorter travel and is reduced to about 4lbs. Also installed an extended mag release, slide release and slide stop, all from the Glock Store. Larry McGill has some great aftermarket upgrades for Glocks. All these parts are machined metal not plastic or stamped metal. This did add some cost to the gun, but I was able to buy it through the Blueline program for about $300. So even with the upgrades it still falls around normal retail. I did all the same upgrades on my Glock 27 40 cal. If it’s going to be your every day carry, the extra investment is well worth it.


Two different companies for the parts I discussed. For the trigger go to occustomtriggers.com and the other parts at glockstore.com Check them out.


Why am I the only one who sings the praise of the walther PPQ?

Try it, you’ll like it!


I have shot the Glocks, didn’t like them. But everyone has their favorites. I never have been a fan of Glocks just a personal thing, it’s the grip I don’t care for.


This month I bought the Sig 365, its about the same size as the Glock 43 and M&P Shield 9mm. The sig holds holds 10 rounds, and you can buy an 12 round mag for it.


I know what you mean. When we were first issued Glocks, they came with one grip size each in the full size, compact and sub compact. I’ve never really found a factory grip on any handgun that fit my hand perfectly. Back then I went to a Hogue finger groove grip sleeve. Now the Glocks come with your choice of 4 grip inserts, two of which have an extended beavertail. Not a perfect system, but goes a lot further toward tailoring the grip to your hand size.



I like the PPQ, but on one of Hickok45’s videos, he made a comment about it may not be good for self defense because of the trigger (hair trigger, or something like that).

I like the (Walther…) Creed and PPX with no reservations. They are quite accurate, low recoil, very reliable, easy to take down and reassemble, and very reasonably priced (generally in the mid $300’s).

I am not sure, but I don’t think Walther makes the PPX anymore - since it was ‘replaced’ by the Creed. The mags are interchangeable, so no issues there.


@JohnB it does have a light trigger, between 4.5-5lbs. But the reset is amazing only 1/10 of an inch!

So do I like fast shots? Quick double taps?

You betcha!

I can only speak for myself, but I like my pistols to be simple, light, and fast on the trigger!



The Beretta Nano is a good gun and can be had generally for around $400. On the other hand, the Beretta Pico has had some trouble with the firing pin breaking.



I had the original LCP. It was very reliable and surprisingly accurate. However, the LCP II is even better. The LCP II has a last shot hold open, a little more weight (about an ounce more, but oh so badly needed), and you can get 7 shot mags for it (like the original LCP’s). Personally, I like the looks of the LCP II better, too. And, when you use the 7 shot mags on the LCP II, you get a very good grip. No reason to avoid the LCP II that I know of.


I would avoid Kimber micro’s.
I do not feel mine is reliable or stable enough.

If it is a backup micro pistol do you really need 20 yards? I think that would be tough with micro/pocket pistol.


FFS-I thought this was a new post.
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Haven’t committed to anything; waiting to assess uniform changes.

We’ve got to qualify, which includes shots from 25 yards (and the score required is an 80%). It’s definitely a challenge, finding something small enough for on on duty backup, but still capable of being used accurately that far away.


Have you looked at the Sig 938, fits the bill for a subcompact, it’s in 9mm and can be had with tritium sights. It’s a 1911 style and very capable of the accuracy you require.


Just chiming in regarding @Dane’s advice. He’s spot on regarding the 938. The Kimber was built from the same design so if Kimber didn’t invent a way to screw that pooch - it should also be capable.