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Recommended Microcompact For Backup Gun


Very cool. For work a backup would need more capacity I think, pretty sure 5 shot revolvers is the minimum they’d allow


Actually the recoil is very manageable. They are pretty heavy and with the extended grips they really ain’t too bad.:wink:


OP mentioned .380ACP as a minimum - back the mid-80s i carried a Beretta 84B, but nowadays that’s too big… now i have a P238 for cool-weather carry…

the rest of the year it’s a P-32 or a NAA Sidewinder w/.22wmr

i wonder if the OP has considered a Beretta Pico?

on the Gulf of Mexico


At the moment I’m leaning 9mm, but it’s kinda on hold until we decide about outer carriers.


I always have a pair of AMT Backups on or near my person. They’re small enough for a pretty invisible coat or pants pocket carry. Plus they don’t get in the way of my main carry gun. And they’re stainless so they’re minimum maintenance.


I have been looking into the diamond back 380 for a microcompact. I have that m&p 380ez and the 9mm shield but neither of them are pocket guns. I want something smaller


@KM55 Just purchased a Ruger LCPii for my son. Same size as my Kel-Tec P3AT but much better trigger and last shot hold open. Cost more than a Diamondback though.


I owned the Ruger LCP hated the gun, only the second gun I ever sold. I know they have improved on the LCP II but the first one left a bad impression that still lingers. I will look into the LCP II but of all the little micro compacts I have looked at the Diamondback has been closer to what I’m looking for then all others.
Caliber: .380 ACP
Length: 5.26”
Height: 3.75”
Width: .750“”
Barrel Length: 2.80”
Distance Between Sights: 4”
Weight (unloaded): 8.8 oz
Trigger Pull: ≈5.5#
Magazine Capacity: 6+1 Rds



Sig’s very popular 1911 .380, the P238, may work for you. It has 2 basic weight options: most of their models are around 15 ounces w/mag, empty; but a second weight option is their HD (Heavy Duty), similarly weighing just over 18 ounces.

At my LGS, P238’s sometimes go on generic sales (meaning all models of the P238), for $599. For the HD model (as well as a few of their other models), this is a great price.

Also, you can get factory made 7 shot mags for it, giving you a max of 8 rounds - considering its size and caliber, that is pretty good!


@Kona (et al):

Bond Arms derringers are nice - very well built, nice looking, lots of caliber choices, and can be converted pretty quickly to other calibers just by changing out the barrels.

Downside, though, is the max of 2 shots. Also, unless you are getting the new ones with the skeletonized triggers, the trigger pull (which required both a down and back pull), can be difficult to deal with, especially under stress. Plus, you would likely consider them maxing out at 5 to 10 yards for distance, maybe even less (some people say 10 feet max).


I hope those have improved a LOT over the years. I looked at getting one because I really liked the design and it was the closest thing to a single stack pocket Glock ever at the time, which was well over 10 years ago. I just read so many reports of poor quality, unreliability, etc that I passed it by.

I’m really liking my new Ruger LCP II. Believe me, the trigger is worlds better than any previous LCP. As far as I’m concerned, it’s an entirely different gun. Vastly improved trigger, grip, slide now automatically locks back when empty, etc. IMO, it’s the perfect pocket .380. It looks a lot better than the old LCPs, too. :+1:



Totally agree! :grin::grin::grin:


@JohnB I just installed a Magguts kit in one of my mags to give me an extra round, but I haven’t shot it yet. Need to get to the range for reliability testing. LOL

Oh, and if you ever want a custom “callsign” here next to your screen name, I’m putting you in for “Sloop”. :rofl:


@Wedge thank you for the information and I will take a look at the LCP II.



The Magguts kit - was that for your LCP II? You can get the Ruger factory 7 shot mags for it now. Helps make the grip more effective, too.

Either way, good luck with your LCP II - a great little gun!

What does the callsign do? I have never used that before.


Plus, you just can’t beat Ruger as a solid company with excellent customer service. Any problems with customers’ guns go right to the top of the priority list. Guys get their stuff back very, very quickly unlike most other manufacturers where they’ll very likely have your gun for many weeks, months or even longer.


Glock 43 with a TLR-6 and Trijicon HD night sights is my EDC. Not the greatest OEM trigger but light and reliable using OEM magazines.



Great thing about Glock, you don’t like something you can change it. Because Glock is so popular, there are many aftermarket Glock triggers out there if you don’t like the OEM trigger. And you can’t beat Glock OEM mags.


I didn’t replace the entire trigger in my G43, but I did replace the trigger connector with a Double Diamond connector from theglockstore. Much better. :+1:


@dave67, Try https://lonewolfdist.com They have a wide selection and their turnaround time is phenomenal…