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Recommended Microcompact For Backup Gun


Sorry, meant the stainless finish on the frame, as opposed to two tone.

I don’t know that I could pocket it in jeans, but in slacks, probably. Normally I’ll be carrying something larger day to day though


I have a khar pm9 and absolutely hate it. It is so unreliable it’s not even funny. When it does work, it’s a tack driver. Most failures are feeding issued. Any ammo, 115 ball, hollow point, +p, doesn’t matter what ammo it jams. The round usually binds between the feed ramp and chamber 1/2 of the carriage in the chamber. Tried polishing everything, nothing worked. It now sits in my safe. I wasn’t limp wristing it as other people who shot my pm9 had the exact same issue.


Micro compact? I think the sig 938 is an amazing backup but it is pricey, I’d go with one of the Ruger or if you are okay with the ergos of a Glock… There’s always that, or you can do the kimber micro 9 if you like 1911 style.


There are also a slew of snubby wheel guns for a backup…


Yeah the Sig is a lot pricier, but I can get one I liked shipped/transferred for about $600. Not a bad price for as nice as they are.

Just more interesting than a Ruger or Glock or Bodyguard.


Totally agree and it will hold value better if you try to sell later.:grin:


My agency is very particular about what we can carry off duty. I just bought a Glock 27, .40 cal 9+1.


Have you considered the beretta “nano” 9mm. ?Reliable inexpensive supported by many holster companies and beretta. I have several pistols, mostly, Glock 43 carry , but when summer is upon us and small is the need the nano is smaller than Springfields XDS, former carry, and it’s very shoot able.


Smith and Wesson Bodyguard in 380 is my day to day pocket rocket / back up gun. When wearing the outer carrier I have a chest holster that has the gun centered on the chest under the carrier. Easy to grab through the arm of the oute carrier or from underneath depending on how you position it. Can also be carried in a pouch on the outer carrier if your agency allows it.
With an inner carrier I use a Crossbreed vest holster.
Wheel guns are always a great choice. Offside cargo pocket carry and the ability to put five contact shots into a bad guy. Downside is reloads are a tad bit slower.


Have you sent it back for repair? By and large, they’re pretty reliable. Mine is.


I appreciate all the feedback, everyone. I’m likely gonna hold off for now–we may well switch from inner to outer carriers within a year and that’ll likely be more concealable and accessible. I’ll reassess then, and figure out what makes sense.

The P938 is so beautiful that I’d be inclined to splurge, and it’s rather compact. Otherwise, I’d consider a snubby wheelgun–no worry about out of battery issues and simple malfunction clearance.


@Wedge I have thought of that. Just work and life always seems to rear its ugly head when I think to send it in. I’ll shoot them an email tonight and see what they think.


It’s worth it. They’re great little pocket 9s when they run. :smiley:




Preciate it, but I’m holding off for now. Also probably spring for a blingier version haha


I would pass on the LCP2 and consider the LCP original. I have two and both have performed 100%. With critical defense ammo its a definite contender.


You could always go with Bond Arms Derringer. 38spl/357mag… Or 45 Colt/410 shotgun. They also make any caliber you can think of and you can switch the barrels with an Allen wrenches in 30 seconds. Pretty cool platform. I never feel undergunned with them.


@T.L.Buck always wanted a Bond Derringer. Very nice!


I have owned and sold several over the years. These are my two current ones. They are built like a tank and some shoot like a tank… Lol. They are a beast for sure.


@t.l.buck It must be real interesting shooting the 357mag out of that little gun. :fearful: