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Recommended Microcompact For Backup Gun


I’ll add my vote for the clock 43. It’s the gun I wanted my Kahr CM9 to be. The Kahr was ok, but the trigger was too long, not much reset and I could not find extended mag base plates that were reliable.
The 43 fixed all those problems for me and its very easy to conceal carry on or off duty.
I’m surprised your shield doesn’t already fit the bill for your needs.


I’ve owned two 938’s. Both had the hogue grip on them which is the “sport” version. Fantastic little gun for what it is. With Sig, you’re getting what you paid for. I LOVED them for everything they offered. You can still get the crimson trace set up with the pinky extension to make them that much better


Shield could work, but I’m not a big guy and I’d have to carry on my vest. Seems a little large for that. Wish we could ankle carry, but it’s against policy.

(The area I work isn’t too bad, odds of needing a backup are quite low and none of my co-workers carry one. But I’d like a convenient option–better to have and not need, and all that)


I like the look of the 938–stainless with rosewood grips looks lovely. I’d consider splurging on one if there was a solid sale price. Maybe ~$600


I like my SIG 365. 10+1, smaller than a G43 and very shootable.


Is that the one that goes bang when you drop it or was that the 320? LOL


@Wedge nope. The 365 is the one with striker problems. The 320 is the one the Army confidently chose over the Glock! :grimacing: my 320 has 1000s of rounds pre-recall and 1000s post recall no issues.


@Wedge on a serious note, I was just talking to a buddy about this. Sig is completely new to the poly striker game. The 320 and 365 are new flagship models. Old world Sigs (steel and hammer fired) are still very much excellent and trustworthy. Sig will figure out the poly striker game soon enough.


I’ve generally heard the issues with the P365 have been worked out, but might give them a little longer to be sure. Otherwise I’ve heard great things.


That was the 320. Never heard any issues with dropping the P365.


The striker problem with the P365 has been resolved. A new striker was designed and has been in all of the new units produced for the past few months.


@CarbonUnit I know lol. It was a joke. I’m a sig fanboy.


I’m a fan now too. I think my Glock 19 might be my last Glock.


Leaning strongly towards the P938. Sure, it’s not cheap, but reviews are very positive and it’s just nice. Sig has it’s reputation and I kinda want one–the stainless slide and frame is kinda hard to find, but there’s a all black with scrollwork/engraving on the slide that’s nice, especially with some aftermarket grips with style. And I’m seeing on for $550 on GunBroker…

Might be pulling the trigger. Its small enough if I elect to use it as a backup, otherwise it’s a great pocket or ankle gun. Might sell the Shield to pay for it though.


The P938 is a nice looking gun, but I still have this potentially irrational fear that gives my willy the willies for pocket carry with a locked and cocked single action. I don’t know how light the P938 trigger is, but it can’t be nearly has heavy as a stock Glock trigger pull. It’s certainly much shorter, too. I know, “Muh finger is muh safety” and all, but crap still happens. An accidental trigger brush that wouldn’t set off a Glock still might set off a much shorter, lighter single action trigger if the manual safety was inadvertently swept off in the pocket for whatever reason. No 1911 style grip safety, either…


@Wedge @TheThreeLaws :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Supposed to be about 8-10lbs out the box. So not light. Wouldn’t roll without some kind of holster either.

@Kona I dig it. This is the 238 but I’m thinking something like this. Probably a little over $600 shipped and still below 700 with new grips, not bad from what I’ve seen.


@TheThreeLaws It does look beautiful


@TheThreeLaws my friend has a 238 and I’m so dang accurate with it I want one so bad!


It is beyond hard to find. All 938 frames are alloy. I’d jump on a steel frame example in a heartbeat.

I can’t pocket it, but I can’t pocket anything. My mitts just don’t slip in or out of pockets without profanity. I carry mine IWB Appendix or OWB 2 o’clock.