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Recommendation For Firearms Course

Years ago I took a security course to work security while going to school for an IT certification.
Just for fun, I took the “G” class as well, even though I had no plan to get the “G” licence.
It was a blast. And I actually learned a great deal about proper handgun shooting techniques.
The course made me a better, safer shooter and helped rid me of all the bad habits I had.

Now that I’m older and hopefully wiser, I’d like to take another course, strictly for pleasure.
I do believe my handgun handling skills are GTG, but I probably thought the same back then.
And if it turns out that I learn a few things and correct any issues, that will be a great bonus.
BTW, I’m looking for classes in the Gainesville Fl area. Any suggestions?


I wish I could find some courses to take here in Oregon that didn’t require me to drive 3 hours away plus spend 500 for the course and then ammo.