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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


@Wedge I think one of our moderators should do it…I am a newbie and a bit “wordie” when I post. I really am a techtard and a bit unsophisticated in these type of converations!


@VAbowhunter dude you are so gonna get me banned from this thread!

I LOVE the 1911! It is a gentle dependable weapon, just like my favorite dog, John Browning designed, trial by fire…a “stake your life on it” the one gun everyone should own, weapon.

Of course it has nothing to do with .22s!

And you brought up jeeps and M60s as well! You are just trying to get me scolded by our moderators aren’t you?


@Johnksg me too! I remember my first and only NJP for “raising a little hell” while off duty. We were young, dumb, and full of steam. In later years it would be a career killer.


@Johnksg The Coast Guard now can send people through SEAL training. There are a lot of jobs that are very demanding besides rescue swimmers, but that will have to be put into a new topic. I have been following this topic and think I should get a 22 pistol. So keep the info coming.


@VAbowhunter we called it full of…well something else! Lol

I do not like the 0 tolerance policy. My father drove Chesty Puller and served on his security detail in Korea. He f*cked up in Hawaii (about the time he met my mom who was a nurse) but got a pass and retired as a GSgt.

Warriors need to be warriors! Down and dirty, covered in mud, ripped uniforms, and a week old beard…those were the guys I wanted to fight with. Not the sick bay commandos or the poster board marines.

Give me the nasty, dirty, foul shit-birds, the guys you would trust with your life in combat and whom were an NCO’s biggest headache in barracks.

We kept THOSE GUYS around around, covered for 'em simply because we NEEDED them when the shit hit the fan!


@Johnksg and @dave67 Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to get everyone off track but some very strong memories came to mind after @dave67 said “night fire”.

Can I make amends by saying that I highly recommend a Ruger MK-IV? I have the competition model and have never had an issue with it.


@VAbowhunter you can’t go wrong with the ruger IMO.


@godallmighty and not to mention the current USCG MMSTs. They are some bad-@$$ dudes. Oh, and to keep us on topic, they don’t use .22s .


The browning buck marks are nice, I’ve put thousands through those no issue. I have a Walther P22 that has been very reliable as well. I’ve only shot the MP22 a few times but really liked it. If I were to buy one today, ide look into the “colt” yet it’s actually walther 1911 style .22, they intrigued me however I cannot remember the reviews on them, my supplier had a few about 2 years ago, selling for ~315 if I remember correct. I did not like the sig .22, the slide is way to heavy as only the high velocity stuff would work in those and I still saw multiple failures, many being in each mag. I usually only shoot the cheapest bulk .22, if it won’t take those, then in my opinion it’s junk and defeats the purpose, so that’s what I would be curious about the 1911. Let us know what you go with.


Fun fact: Ruger…and later Sturm, can’t remember which started their company by reverse engineering a couple of war trophy Japanese Nambu pistols in .22 caliber.


( not being presumptuous or disrespectful.).

It;s not really a moderators place to do it anyway.
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Won one of those at a gun store raffle. Liked the feel, balance and grip angle. Hated the location of the safety. Only way to disengage was to use your other hand. Traded it off a couple years ago along with several other High Standard.22 revolvers I inherited for my Sig 1911 45 cal Fastback Nightmare. Made it much easier to justify the $1000 price tag of the Sig.


a lot of fun for less than $150:

on the Gulf of Mexico


It can. Lots of us qualified on the range in Navy boot camp with 1911s converted to .22lr. :+1:


@Wedge how could I have forgotten that? Have two of the goldcups with .22 barrel inserts! :laughing:


Super enjoy my advantage arms 22lr conversion for.my glock, cmmg 22lr conversion for.my AR and now fort kel tec p11.

Too.much fun


@Dave - that kit says it’s not for a 22/45, which we have. The Majestic kit works fine for our MkIII. Funny, we were visiting our local range a couple of weeks ago and the guys behind the counter were wrestling with their range 22/45 MkIII. I told them about the Majestic Kit, and they immediately hopped online to have a look. :smiley:


i did consider the Majestic kit, but instead installed the HSS strut in my MkIII RIO model - a real lifesaver… my 82-year-old shooting buddy, Bob, who is a next-door neighbor, has the ‘tactical’ MkIV 22/45 and really likes it - we played around with a green laser and a cheap red dot on it yesterday at the range…

he looked at me after some serious paper shredding and said, “Hey, this is stinkin’ cheap fun!”


on the Gulf of Mexico


I recently bought a Mark IV 22/45 and am loving it. Like Willie’s friend Bob, I think it’s some “stinkin’ cheap fun!”

The problem is keeping it that way. If you don’t watch your wallet and your eyes, that $300-400 plinker will rapidly turn into a $1,200 smooth as silk 2 lb trigger, top of the line micro red dot sighted, custom gripped, cerakoted showpiece that is capable of better shooting than you are.

It is only fear of my spousal unit that keeps me from walking that path. :wink: