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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


Night fire on the M60 range at Ft. Jackson back in the ‘70s - almost better than the 4th of July!


@VAbowhunter I served in the marines during those “transition years” three things we lost which caused the most griping:

  1. Lost the jeep for hmmv
  2. Lost the .45 for M9
  3. Lost our M60s for the M240


@VAbowhunter You got that right, I fired that M60 as well and to this day have never fired anything as fun as that.


@dave67 i guess in many ways the m240 is better…but I HATED that extra 5lbs I had to carry!

I also really liked the control I had with the A3 version.


@Johnksg All of the newer equipment and weapons you speak of I know nothing about, they came after my time in the Army so I can’t relate. All I know is that the M60 “ammo guy” was the worse job when on patrol or maneuvers. I think we’ve gotten way off topic here, aren’t we suppose to be talking about .22 pistols?


@dave67 you are correct sir! Thank you for rightfully calling me out on that! (I blame @VAbowhunter for getting me started on that tangent!) Lol


@Johnksg You gotta watch those Coast Guard guys, they’ll get you off topic really quick. :wink:


@dave67 even though I am a former marine I do love my coasties! I live in a coast guard city, the guys saved my wife and her friends when their motor conked out and they drifted over the bar. I also RSO occasionally for their qualifications.

That said, I can think of no other branch of service, spec-ops included, that is more demanding than that of a coast guard rescue swimmer!

(I know…I am off topic again, but I am proud of our coast guard and just cannot resist singing their praise a bit!)

Now back to .22s! Lol


@Johnksg Had a nephew in the Coast Guard, good guy, super hard worker, top of his class and station…he messed up, DUI (zero tolerence), career over. He’s in Commercial Diving School right now. Ok, now back to topic. Maybe we should have a “Military Talk” Topic.


@dave67 oh tanks…or as we called 'em bullet magnets! Maybe a thread on "what weapons systems you used in service and your favorite? "

I vote M2! Man did I absolutely love that weapon!!

Now you got me off topic again…


@dave67 I am sorry about your nephew. The services have a bad habit of discarding troops through discipline action when it suits their needs.

Knew an EOD guy, served a tour in Iraq, came home and got a DUI. Was deployed for three more tours (EOD was critical) then when Iraq war ended was given a non-honorable discharge for original DUI six years old!


@Johnksg My nephews commander believed in him so much he faught it all the way to DC, the Coast Guard lost a good man and all their time in training him. Young men in their 20’s will make mistakes, but should it cost you your career? How can you learn if not given a second chance? But then again if it’s zero tolerence, get a taxi.


@dave67 I served in a different era. When I got my 1st NJP I still remember my First Sergeant telling me “that he didn’t trust a marine who did not drink, fight, and raise a little hell!” I will admit I was scared standing tall in front of the skipper but 1sgt went to bat for me and I kept my rank, just forfeited some pay and a few weekends confined to barracks.

I find it sad that those days seem to be gone. My days as a young f*ck-up made me a better NCO to my troops IMO.


@dave67 you know, in order to keep this thread “clean and on topic” it occurs to me that one of our moderators such as @Wedge should stop lurkin’ and create a thread for our veterans stories…no combat topics though, those I do not like to share, or talk about!

But there are also lots of good tales from the service I enjoy. Favorite chow hall, best liberty port, best issued weapon,training, etc.


I’m actually busy with other work and just following along when I can. But, yes, we do need a “General Discussion” type forum here. :+1:


I have coffee every monday with veterans, band of brothers, I enjoy listening to the WW2 guys…one was a rear gunner on dive bombers, the submarine guys, and the air force guys who fly the big transports…certain things we just don’t talk about. It is a given. But lots of interesting and funny stories!


@Wedge well when you get time…


Start it up! I love hearing you guys go off on them stories. Big reason I’m here👍


I guess all anyone really needs to do is just start a new uncategorized thread in the main area with an appropriate title and let it run from there.


@Johnksg I got out of the Army in ‘77 and joined the USCG in ‘78 so we still had jeeps, 1911s, and M60 while in the Army. I saw the transition from the 1911 to the M5 in the mid ‘80s while in the USCG. Still love my 1911s…