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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


tell you what not to get, a EIG. 4 barrel 22 pocket pistol sight is a afterthought. long hardpull trigger rotating firing pin. made of soft steel on the barrel, alloy/zinc frame. nickle plated. 10 ft if your steady maybe hit a man sized target. maybe. curiosity only. found one in a old tackle box once. still have it, to dangerous to try to swap…! imported in the 70s ! along with a million maypop .25’s



Does kinda got that ol’ Saturday Night Special look to it huh…?


@Johnksg So the Target model has a full length optics rib with totally different iron sights but the 4.5" model rear sight looks to be screwed on not dovetailed?s-l400This 4.5" slide is on Ebay (NOS) for $50.


@dave67 dovetailed with a small allen set screw on mine. I gave it to my brother. Lol

I did have one of the “early ones” was marked as Colt Woodsman back then, they were trying to bring back the brand.


@Johnksg Dovetailed rear sight with set screw and still comes off?


@dave67 yup.

Sorry I did an edit to my earlier post. Mine was labeled as the colt woodsman back in the first year of production. Hopefully they fixed that problem.


@Johnksg Woodsman was much earlier and the “Cadet” only came in stainless.


@dave67 this was the “new” generation of woodsman, (I have a pair of the old depression era ones and man are they wonderful shooters!) But it looks identical.

I am not doubting you…I am sure they fixed the problem by now.

The issue with mine was the slide was actually cast aluminum and the rear sight was steel (plastic would have been better) the combination of hard metal vs a relatively softer material, as well as the difference in temperature conduction, and a fairly shallow cut dovetail made for a rear sight that just wouldn’t stay put.

But when mine worked…it worked well! Glad they ironed out the issues with it!


@dave67 oops! I am sorry…just spoke to my brother and he says it actually is marked “cadet”. Other than that, and fact mine was an early run, rest holds true.


I was leanin more toward “zip-gun” LOL


@Johnksg So maybe mine is not a Cadet, it dosen’t say Cadet anywhere on gun or box or manual…it just says Colt .22 and Colt .22 Target on manual. It came out in early 90’s.


@dave67 about the time I bought mine. (Sorry can’t be more specific too many guns ago!)

Bottom line is every manufacturer makes a lemon once in awhile…look at the S2K threads some of the posters have horror stories while others like myself had 100% reliability after 1,000 of rounds.

Usually after the first year or so they make improvements to improve their product (unless they are Remington).

If it shoots well for you and you have no issues then nothing else matter in my opinion. :grin:



This link is identical to the one I had.


@Johnksg I appreciate all the info, this was the first gun I bought and I believe the Target model with the full length sight rib is an improvement over the standard model.


@dave67 well heck, if it was one of your first guns then that alone makes it a treasure and don’t let anyone tell you different!


@Johnksg Actually my first gun was my M16A1 in the Army but they wouldn’t let me keep it.


@dave67 yeah they tend to be a little finicky about troops taking home full auto weapons! Lol

I always liked the A2s myself…vast improvement, superior to the M4s in every aspect but weight and length.


@Johnksg All I can say is “night fire”, every third round a tracer on full auto. :+1:


It’s the blingy chrome finish with the pimptastic fake ivory grip panels. :rofl:

I had a “ring of fire” Davis .25 just like it. :+1:


I agree. My 1977 10/22 carbine with a Boyds Custom carrier stock is the same. and it’s been the first for several kids as well.
It does need a good bipod though…