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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


From what I hear the quality of Volquartsen is a step above Tandemkross and I believe it. I wasn’t impressed with the fit and finish of the Tandemkross trigger at all. After contacting them they sent me a replacement and it had the same issues. After contacting them again they pretty much admitted the anodizing batch was messed up, but that’s all they had in stock so they were sending them to customers. So I got a blemished trigger at full price.

I did put a Volquartsen extractor in my M&P15-22 and it was an extremely high quality piece and it got rid of any reliability issues I had with that gun.


@GL9CK Yes, aftermarket parts can add up quickly. Upgraded triggers to me make a huge improvement and are well worth it. I recently purchased a used Volquartsen Scorpion Pistol in 6" barrel and am absolutely floored at the high quality and accuracy.


We have a S&W 22A, which was our first .22, if you don’t count the Spanish compact that my wife inherited, or my Winchester single-shot .22 rifle I inherited. It’s a nice little pistol. shoots well, accurate, etc. I’m not that fond of the ribs on the back of the slide you grab to work the slide. It seems too slippery. It got better with some skate board grip tape on it, but even that slides around a bit.

We also picked up a couple of Ruger 22/45 Lites at a local gun shop auction. I didn’t realize that one was a MkIII, and the other a MkIV until I got home. BIG difference in the disassembly! The MkIII has an odd hammer spring/lever that has to be assembled a certain way, or the weapon is unusable. It’s nothing that can’t be practiced, or helped a bit with a Majestic Arms ‘speed strip’ kit. We got the speed strip kit for the MkIII, which much-improved tear-down for cleaning! The MkIII was a ‘NRA special’, which while I think it just meant it had extra badging on the grip, it also shot much better than the MkIV.

We installed the Volquartsen trigger kit in both, as well as a Tandemkross compensator and charging handle halo. It turned them into a couple of VERY nice target pistols! I’ve added a Tru-Glow red-dot to the MkIII. With the sight, it makes shooting the thing like cheating!!

Here’s the MkIII. It was the red anodized model. Kind of garish, but it has kind of grown on us:

We call it Marvin’s Ray Gun, because of it’s futuristic looks and color. Wished it was lime green now.

As said, we love both the Rugers, and like the S&W. The Rugers are notably lighter than the S&W, meaning you can shoot them pretty much all day long. The ONLY thing I don’t like about them is their limit to only 10 rounds!! You’re out of bullets long before you’re out of fun!!


<- Look’n for that pesky Ray gun - I oughta just paint it red.


@FoldedCarbine Here’s the fix for that MKIII hammer strut issue during reassembly. I put one in my Volquartsen Scorpion which is based on the MKIII. Goes in quick, just have to remove/reinstall grips.AC_SY400


I have used the p22 as a starter pistol for three new shooters and it has never, ever failed. Accurate and easy to handle.


Ruger single six or bearcat


I have 3 .22 semi-autos:

Colt Woodsman - 1948ish

Ruger Standard - 1978ish

GSG Firefly

The Ruger is my favorite, easy to shoot and is very accurate. They don’t make the Woodsman anymore. The Firefly (ex Sig Mosquito) is also fun to shoot but I’m not as accurate with it as with the Ruger. GSG actually made the Mosquito for Sig and from what I read decided to not renew the contract and instead offered them themselves.

My shooting buddy has both the Ruger Standard and the new MKIV target model. My next buy will be the MKIV, great gun. The 22/45 has a polymer frame whereas the MKIV Standard has a metal (aluminum?) frame. The 22/45 has a M1911 style grip angle,the MKIV Std has the more swept back angle of the original Rugers.


$$$ - Smith 63, 317; Ruger SP101 22 (keeper revolvers); Ruger MkIII/IV stainless (accurate keepers)
$$ - Charter Pathfinder 2" or 4"; Taurus Tracker 22/22wmr (yeoman-like, beater revolvers)
$ - Phoenix Arms HP22A (fabulously fun, 7-yard highly accurate, snowflake nightmare-inducing Saturday Night Specials)

on the plinking away every day Gulf of Mexico


I have a Ruger MK1 and a couple of MK IIs, one is a bull barrel (MKII) which im thinkin hard about adding a suppressor to, totally agree, on the breakdown on the early guns, easier to pull apart Winchester lever gun than do a ruger MKI/II.

I do like that 4, putting it on the future find one list…


I went and found a new range to go to that has a few 22 pistols and I’ve shot the mk iii and iv and I like them both, I like the mk iii a bit better, seems to be better put together and I’ve shot the m&p which I like and the Walther, all great. I think I’m just going to keep shooting the rentals until I find a good deal on any one of those…


Not sure if you are looking for a benchrest plinker but this ruger charger has been a starter for many of my kids and is just to damn fun to shoot! A 25 yards it is single hole accurate with even the cheapest of ammo.


I have a couple of rifles in 22, I am just looking for a plinker to get more trigger time and better my trigger control


@Omnivious while I like the Walthers and the old target style Browning Buckmarks you really cannot go wrong with the Ruger pistols. Even the basic ones can be upgraded, sorta pay as you go, and I simply have not seen a bad one.


@Johnksg Love my Ruger Charger, and you are right about the accuracy.


@dave67 they are just sweet, fun to shoot 'lil plinkers aren’t they? They just bring out the joy in shooting, put a smile on your face no matter you experience level!

(Damnit…all of you guys take so much better pics than me! Maybe I should get one of those smarty phones?)


@Johnksg I was purchasing a Gen 3 Glock 35 at the time and saw it in the glass cabinet and thought it was so odd that it had to be fun, and it is. .22’s just bring out the kid in all of us.


@dave67 nothing wrong with that. Sometimes between working with PD, matches, and being an RSO I find it is important and very enjoyable to just sit and shoot with my 7year old.

We like to bust clays on stakes, the giggles make me smile!

Every shooter should do that IMO, just step back, relax and let your inner child have fun!

(Darn…I sound like a hippie!)


@Omnivious Colt made these back in the 90’s, some call it the Cadet. This is the 6" Target model which is hard to find but they made a 4.5" model that is easier to come by and I have seen them on Gunbroker in the $300 range, has a nice heavy feel to it…and it’s a Colt.


@dave67 I have one…keeps losing the rear sight! I shimmed it, gunsmith shimmed it, still falls off!

Other than that…they shoot well.