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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


Lmao. I need to start telling the wife that one…


You were Right on with this ck out’ They have great stuff and lower 48 prices, Then we add the Hazards Material Fees to AK’ add $100.00 to Start’ That’s Barge!:frowning_face: We have a Sportsmen Wharehouse here So That helps But it took them awhile to Figure the need for 22 WMR they sell the PMRS and then no AMMO.


Wow! Had No idea they charge hazardous material charge to Alaska. And $100 to start, Thats bs. Never seen that, but also had no reason to look either. Lower 48 only thing thats charged the hazmat fee is powder and primers.


Thats a shame on the 22wmr ammo up there too. Ive got 1k rounds listed for sale here in Indiana and cant get a nibble at $150, which is definitely less than that it can be bought for around here or even online


Let me start by saying that my personal favorite wasn’t much better than a one shot paperweight when I first got it. I don’t know that this pistol is even being offered anymore either, but I digress. My personal favorite is the ISSC M22. It looks enough like a Glock 23 that it will fit all of my holsters and was on sale for (I think) $199 through CDNN when I got it about three years ago, maybe four.

As I mentioned, when I first got it, it was junk. Junk in that it would fire one time then you had to pry out the spent casing. I had read about this prior to my purchase and was prepared for it. This was/is a very common issue apparently but after sending it back (free to do so) it has been a tack driver. Spare mags were/are a little pricey as well but not awful.

Since getting it back I have only shot high velocity (recommended). And so far the only ammo it doesn’t do well with is Winchester Super-X, it seems to eat everything else just fine (round nose, HP, plated, lead…). This is fine as I have a NAA Sidewinder which can do .22 Short, .22 Long or .22 Long Rifle (.22 WMR if you swap cylinders). The only real time it fails to fire is when the round does not go off. This is normally rectified with simply re-cocking the hammer and trying again. I only clean it about once every third or fourth time after a range visit and if you keep it decently lubed I imagine I could go longer.

Other aspects of this pistol are: It has a rail for a light (if you want to mimic a compact Glock similarly equipped) or laser; the rear sight is windage adjustable; it is lighter than a Glock 23 (what I have that it most closely resembles); it has both an external hammer as well as a true safety (external). So if you did want this for cheaper “Glock” training it wouldn’t be as effective as getting a .22LR conversion for your Glock.

That is just my .02¢


I can’t take credit for that, as much as I would love to, I think it was the great Jerry Miculek who told me that (not personally, I wish…) in one of his videos. he said “if you open a box of ammo and don’t use it all, it goes bad” and I believed him and still do, he is “the leader in gun control” after all. :grin:


I am a big ruger fan, I have a mark 2 that is the most accurate pistol I own. It is a pain to break down and put back together, but will eat anything you put in it. Aquila standard velocity are the most accurate reasonably priced bullets on the market.


Glock … conversion kit


I like the idea of conversions but I don’t like the ergo of Glocks, I wanted the CZ kadet but it was the price of a whole other firearm


hope the OP has found a nice .22 for the range… i have a number of them, they’re inexpensive to shoot, and reliable… i guess the question is: revolver or semi-auto?

my favorites are a Ruger SP101 22 and a SS Ruger MkIII target model… but i also have a S&W 317, two Taurus PT-22s (named ‘Salt’ and ‘Pepper’) and a pair of HP22As named ‘Feinstein’ and ‘Pelosi’:

here’s a write-up on these ~$125 plinkers:

on the Gulf of Mexico


I too had one in our collection, you’re right about the takedown. The new models now feature a one button takedown, no more frustration and easier to clean.


i was a tad worried about the mainspring issue, so i installed one of these:


please note: i don’t work for 'em - just a satisfied customer

on the ‘doin’ the Ruger dance’ Gulf of Mexico


The new Ruger MKIV is a one button take down, tons of fun to shoot and reliable. I prefer the 22/45.

Here’s mine.


Very nice sir, how much $ do you have in that thing, it looks like you have quite a few upgrades there…


Have shot my buddy’s SR-22 pistol and love it. Next gun on my list…


I did rent the sr22 at my gun club and it was quite nice, but I think I like the m&p 22 better, it might just be because I am used to the m&p controls. :yum:


I have had the ruger 22/45 before absolutely great gun. Now, for my semi auto I have advantage arms 22lr conversion for my glock and cmmg for my ar. I also have a couple 22 revolvers. My humble opinion for Best cost effective options are the conversation units. They offer decent accuracy, more trigger time and added versatility on your existing platforms.

Advantage arms can be finicky but once you get it dialed in no worries.

I will say my ruger lcr 22lr will never leave my safe. The trigger just keeps getting better and great accuracy.


Thank you!

I try to buy guns and gun parts when they are on sale. I got the gun on sale for $280, but with shipping and transfer it was around $350. Then I added the HiViz front fiber optic sight ($16.96), grips ($49.95), trigger ($52.24), Halo charging handle ($44.95), red dot mount ($56.78) and Vortex Viper red dot ($169.99). I thought this was my “cheap” gun and I didn’t realize I had that much into it until you asked and I added it up. Oops!

You don’t need most of these parts to be honest. I’ve only shot it a few times and so far I honestly shoot best with the stock, target sights. And the trigger isn’t worth the money to me.


@GL9CK I’m gonna do some upgrades to mine too. I’m of the belief if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I shoot fine with the stock trigger so no plans for that but I do want the halo charging ring and the hive grips.


I hear the volquartsen trigger kit is worth the upgrade, but damn do they want a lot of :moneybag: for their stuff…