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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


Try the Walther PPQ M2 in .22lr. Much nicer than the p22.


@elguapo99 What’s the difference?


I have a Ruger SR22. All the controls are like a normal semi auto. It is very light ans accurate. You can get one for $360 ish. You can also buy a mag extension (for your little finger that holds 5 more rounds, 15 rounds per mag. It is a very nice little pistol.


Better trigger and accuracy.


i have a Ruger MK1 and a MK2, My MK 2 TARGET INCH BULL BARREL excellent for steel silhouette shooting…I have been Shooting this pistol since 1986 still my favorite and still accurate. Any firearm is a pain to field strip unless you practice it till you can do it with your eyes closed. Just my point of view. Even a used one will not let you down, bust must be check out.


I really like the 1911s but are they an all day type and can they take that kind of use? Also, the price on them doesn’t help. Although I might just have to save money for a while if mcarbo would stop putting out products I want, and get the RIA combo since I also want a actual 1911 that I can “abuse”


a buddy has the single six that RodSlinger mentioned and it is a very nice shooting gun. his also has the 22 mag cylinder if i remember right.
for what its worth i shoot an old (1953 or 54) high standard Sport King w/7 inch barrel.
they still hold a fairly high value though.


Anyone have any experience with chiappa? Is their 1911-22 any good?


Cheap good bang for the buck is the S&W M&P 22 Compact(made in USA). On sale was less then $300. It has a threaded barrel that can take a threaded adapter for a can. :grin:

I have a Ruger mk2+SR22, buckmark, sig 1911-22 +others. Buy something that is similar to your centerfire gun to get maximum cross training in the manual of arms!


Nice ! :heart_eyes: Great Set Up for Box Stock


Was that like the Wyatt E Special ’ or was that a 9 inch Barrel ? First Gun I ever Bought at a Hock Shop new in Long Beach’


New to the forum, recent sub 2000 purchase! Anyway I have 3 22, pistols, my favorite, and inexpensive is a browning. Reliable, accurate, pretty good trigger and easy field strip. It is really the only 22 pistol I shoot anymore


Correction, it was the SW mod 22A1’ not the browning, heavy for a 22, but good balance and feel in my hand


sorry, I just now saw your question. 9 inch barrel. It was a very nice gun I thought. didnt shoot it with the mag cyl. just 22lr. it was smooth and accurate.


My wife just got the Walther P22. Great gun. 3.4 " barrel. Shoots great groups. Also available in 5 inch. About $350. Easy takedown and threaded barrel. She just ordered the 5" barrel swapable for another $99. Coming today . Wensday is range time each week for us, I am off on Wednesday and we go to the range in the morning and a nice lunch after where we discuss her achievements and development. Nice trigger and stable. She is awesome with her sub 2000 all set up with M*carbo trigger, screws , polished feed ramp and other accessories including Vortex Strike fire ted-green dot sight. She also has the Walther CCP and PPQ 5"(TAC HAMMER) Cabella federal Champion 525 22lr value pack consistently feeds and highly accurate at $29.99 (over $50 free shipping) buy 3 boxes for less than $0.05 per round. You will love it. A great plinker and training tool


If you like the federal champion ammo check out Academy sports. They sell bricks for $21.99 and free shipping over $25


I’ve been buying 22lr from where ever I see them, even if it’s only 50-100, I’m stock piling so when they start jacking up the prices and you can’t find them again, I still have plenty to shoot, I think I’m almost at 5000 rounds now, as long as I don’t take too many rounds to the range, I should be okay… now to find more 9mm, I got a box of 200 federal from walmart for 33.97 this weekend, that put me just over 1000 rounds but then I went to the range and probably used 200 so I gotta get back to wal mart and get another box.:grin:


Online anymore is great pricing. Ive been buying CCI blazers for under $100 shipped for 2500 rounds and cci standard velocity for under $100 shipped for 2000 rounds.
Check out Palmetto state armory, brownells, and midway for great prices


I started to collect 22lr over a year ago and now have 13,500 rds.


Yeah, I’ve only been collecting for about 5 months now, I probably would have 10000 if I stopped shooting it all the time, it’s just so much fun and once you open a box of ammo, it goes bad if you don’t use it all right? :wink: