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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


Is 250 for a slightly (50 rounds) used p22 with one extra mag a good deal, I see new ones online for about 240 ish but you add FFL and taxes and it comes out to 300 and a mag I believe is about 30-40… Can anyone confirm if that sounds about right?


@Omnivious Sounds like a reasonable price. I purchased my dual-tone new in 2004 for $275. At the time it was imported by S&W. Walther now has their own distribution center in Arkansas so they knocked out a middleman to keep the prices lower.


Another vote for the Browning Buckmark. Mine is 20+ years old and has never given me a moment’s trouble. The trigger was good out of the box and has only gotten better. Sights are excellent, and the accuracy is amazing with the ammo it likes. Not the cheapest 22 auto out there, but it will outlast your grandkids if you take care of it. I replace the mainspring every 5-6 thousand rounds. Round count on my gun is somewhere north of 80,000 rounds. Field-stripping and cleaning takes ten minutes, tops.


I wish I could afford a buck mark or a mk iv right now, the cheapest I see those even used is $400, I’m trying to spend about half of that, I would probably buy the hk 22 if I had $400 to drop on a pistol :grin:


GSG Firefly is a Sig clone for $186. I have no experience with it but you might wanna research it.


Well, I asked about it in this thread if you scroll up a bit, it seemed like no one really had anything good to say about it… Whether it was wearing the sig or the gsg brand, I was interested in the game m1911…


My understanding of the Firefly Lineage is GSG used to make the Mosquito and Sig slapped their rollmark on it for import. Sig stopped doing that and gave GSG the green light to continue making it under their rollmarks and namesake. A $186 gun is probably gonna perform like a $186 gun. My advice would be to try and save a little extra for something in the $400 range. Also try the “gun.deals” website. It’s like google for online gun sales and will show whatever gun you want for sale cheapest price first.


Ruger SR22 seems to be at your price point right now.


I use gun.deals all the time, my problem with 22 pistol is that if I’m going to spend 400, I want something bigger, I was going to get a Ruger precision rimfire but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a 22, and ended up with a Savage 64f. I just want a toy for some good ol backyard fun that I can abuse the crap out of, so I been looking for used deals so that I might be able to get a decent 22 for the price of a El cheapo 22, I need to go to some gun shows and see if I can talk them in to giving me a 22 for the low🙂


Have you thought about a pellet pistol?


That’s not a bad price for sr22, but once you tack on the fees and taxes, it comes out to be over 300, I’ve shopped online before and got a $70 aero precision lower receiver for 130, ever since then, unless the price is just insanely low, I just buy local


@Omnivious I’m just the opposite haha. I buy pretty much everything online. It’s usually $100s cheaper than LGS.


I guess I just get better prices here on ga, if you look at georgiagunstore.com, the prices are pretty competitive with online stuff so I just take a trip there because it’s only about an hour and a half from where I am and they have all kinds of goodies, they have some great deals on m&ps, which is my choice for pistols.


Funny you mention that. I got a simple Crosman CO2 BB gun back in about 2012 and I looooove shooting that stupid little thing. Looks like a M&P. Dead nuts from the…uh…17 feet or less I like to shoot, at towel stuffed coffee cans set up around be garage. And cheap! BBs are virtually free but I do go through CO2s. Once you open them, they shoot a lot of rounds but don’t last forever sitting for weeks. Shoot’em up!! Pffft…Pffft…


@Boomchucker pellet pistols/rifles and CO2 BB guns are just my game! Haha


Careful… Don’t let this evolve into an airgun thread or it may go missing like the last one if someone (not me) decides it’s off topic. LOL


I’ll be good…:innocent: but that did kinda take the heat off getting a .22


Well, the thread title did say 22 pistol, so I guess .22cal pellet pistols are still okay. :rofl:


Rimfire Central

If you scroll down past the Ruger bias, you can find decent discussions on anything rimfire.

I’ve read the thread. I think you want a GSG 1911-22. It is a great pistol with issues addressed by several aftermarket suppliers. Think of it like a Sub 2000 - lots of support to build it into a highly decent shooter.


That was on my short list, I’m gonna go shoot someone’s Walther p22 this weekend and see if I like it, the only thing about the gsg is that I don’t know anyone that has owned one, not even the one with the sig label on it, that was kinda the point of this topic, to get help from you guys on deciding what to get and what to stay away from. It’s been a mixed bag so far🤪