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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


Browning Buckmark. All you need to know.


@km55 yes the .22c trigger does suck but I’ve shot it so much I don’t even really notice it anymore. It’s like it’s got a hitch in it.


Not the greatest trigger but it does get better over time.


@km55 I’ve asked haha


@Kona I hope the gentleman was using snap caps during his trigger demonstration as S&W warns 3 different times in the manual that dry firing will damage the gun.


@Don68 eh once and while shouldn’t hurt it. Nothing excessive. Rimfires have come a long way from their forebears.


It doesn’t really count as dry firing if you have a snap cap does it?


@Kona Logan some .22 pistols are set up to dry fire but S&W is not one of them. A firing pin hitting a hardened breach face will wreck the pin.


@Omnivious Correct sir.


@Don68 Stronger firing pins made out of better materials these days. I get it could still break but I don’t dryfire rims very often.


I scanned down through the list and I don’t recall anyone recommending the Browning Buck Mark. There are several models, but the standard Camper will do the same as all the models. I have had a Buck Mark since 2008. It is a super pistole right out of the box. People by Rugers and then spend the price of the gun again to get all the aftermarket parts to make it shoot like a BM. The Ruger MK4 does take down easy, as does the Victory. The BM is easily taken down for cleaning as well. If you want to use a red dot, there are several models that have rails already on the pistol. You can’t go wrong with a BM.


I just wish I could line them all up and shoot them, I like the mk iv but the prices on them are just out of my range brand new and I don’t see too many used because I guess people want to hang on to them, the buck mark is another one in the same category for me, if I could find one used at a reasonable price, I’d be all over it but I’m also picky about buying used firearms in that I like to inspect them before I actually put my money down on it, I’ve had friends buy used firearms and it was complete junk, luckily, I learned from their mistake…


I have, and like, the Ruger SR22. I would recommend it over the Mark IV because of the price difference and because it is a good way to introduce someone to larger calibre pistols as it operates just like them but with lower recoil and an easier to rack slide.

During the required training for a state concealed carry permit, the class had several pistols and revolvers for class members to try out. There were a couple of Glocks with .22 conversions. These seemed to experience a fair number of jams, particularly FTE and FTF. In retrospect, I suspect that these may have been because of “limp wristing” by newer shooters and that the conversions had heavier slides than a gun designed to be a .22 in the first place would have. The .22 has limited energy left over to power the slide.

After a breakin of about 100 or 200 rounds, my SR22 will accept pretty much any commercial .22 ammunition.


My two favorite .22lr pistols are (in no particular order):

  1. CZ75 SP01 with the Kadet kit (.22lr conversion)
  2. Heritage Rough Rider single action

The CZ is a dream to shoot! So nice! The Rough Rider is neat! Cowboy guns are just fun as heck! If I could afford better I’d get a Ruger wheel gun, or something fancy, but for under $150, a Rough Rider is great!

Have fun!


If you’re talking target pistol, I own the S&W victory 22 and it is awesome! An improvement over the Ruger as far as I’m concerned. There are many upgrades available but I run mine stock and love it. Check out some videos, youtube is full of them comparing it to Ruger. I here the new Ruger is nice too since they fixed the takedown issues that the mark series has always had.


I too have a Kadet on a CZ 85. Love this setup. R S


The CZ kadet kits are so expensive though, and I just got rid of my CZ 2075, I thought about getting the kadet kit for it but I think the cheapest I saw it for is $400, I may as well buy another pistol… I do love that CZ 75 platform though, I want to get an sp01 some day when I save up enough acorns and can swing it…


Any opinions on the walther p22?


the Mark 4 fixes the takedown issues with a 1 button takedown.
Another choice might be Ruger’s SR22.


@Omnivious Have a Walther P22 with the short barrel and factory laser. Shoots well. Managed to take a groundhog with it while mowing field. Had problems with FTF with 1 of the magazines early on. Walther redesigned them some time back, no problem now.