Recommendation For .22 Pistol


Stingers are my all time favorite .22 round. I have a “few” thousand of those in my stock. Not so good for small game hunting if you intend to eat what you shoot. They tend to explode the critters. But, if your intent is to eliminate some varmints, they are great. I had thought about putting a different barrel on my Ruger 10-22, but now I am going to stick with the stock one. Thanks for the info.


Hornady one shot case lube’ on your rounds ? works for me.


@DivaMarie Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I’ve never seen it but then I’ve never been looking for it. I assume the big sporting good retailers will have it and if not there is mail order.


It’s Used in Reloading Ammo, Case lube in the final Stages of Seating and Crimping Bullets in the Case.


i have the browning camper sweet shooter. have the mark 1. i know pain in the a** to break down. but she is a very sweet shooter

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Enjoy shooting my ruger lcr. Fun to link and good accuracy. taurus 992 with 22lr/22 mag cylinders. 6 inch barrel adjustable sights heavy and steady. Real tack driver once you dial it in.

The revolvers are nice because they will take just about any 22 round.

My new favorite semi auto. Kel tec cp33.

This thing is light, super accurate , great sight radius and 33 rounds per mag
Very reliable and a whole lot of fun.


I had a high-standard double 9 for a short stint. It was neat pistol or rather revolver was a 9 shot 22, was a blast to shoot.


Had a couple of those growing up that got traded off somewhere. Really enjoyed them so I picked one up about 2 yrs ago. Mine has the 22lr and the 22mag cylinders. Closest thing you can get that looks like a Colt single action, but is actually a double action revolver.


@Dane it was a first for me to see a 9 shot revolver. Most times its a 6 shot. It was really mine, a uncle in law gave it to me, it was his dads I begged him not to do that. He regretted later, how I got the marlin model 60 he swapped me out, but said he will leave it to me if he doesn’t have better grandkids that what I am. This one was a w-101 before the spring loaded ejector, so it had a scratch on it from that, but overall it was a nice pistol, the double action was really stiff, single action was a very light trigger. This one wasn’t one of the interchangeable cylinders.


M&P compact is a great gun. The new Taurus is out and holds 16 in the mag looks promising and is striker fired. Ruger also is good. Buyers market :+1:


I’ve had a Ruger Mark1 stainless with a 10” barrel for a long time. I just never shoot it because cleaning it is a chore and it gets heavy pretty quick. Recently I bought a S&W Victory. Let me tell you that I’m in love with this thing. The first day I took it out I took a few bricks of assorted Ammo and some smaller boxes just trying to get an idea of what it would cycle as the other semiauto 22’s I have won’t cycle just anything. I ended up shooting it all that day, almost 900 rounds in one day, by far the most I’ve ever shot in a day. It will cycle everything I’ve tried in it except for CCI Quiet.
I love shooting this thing. I shoot it better than any pistol I’ve ever shot. I can burn up a plate rack with it. I had a pic of it with the empty boxes of ammo, but I must have deleted it.


Pics??? I have been thinking very hard about getting one.

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This kel tec cp33 is one accurate pistol. Drilling small chunks of wood out to 50 yards free hand with ease. Those 33 round bags are fun.