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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


Old cold steel for me. Browning Nomad, 1967 1st. Ruger RST6 2nd, 1957. The little woman likes her Walther P22 best.


brought this little 25-yr-old mouse gun back to life with a new firing pin:

i like the new PT-22s too:

rimfire is pretty cheap to shoot!

on the Gulf of Mexico


I had the Beretta M21A (aka mouse gun) out earlier today along with my Mark4:


The Browning and the Ruger, two classics for a reason. Certain guns are just timeless.


A few years bac a friend of mine was looking for hus first pistol and I told him to keep in mind the cost of ammo for training purposes. He told me he wasn’t going to skimp on ammo blah blah… 2 months later he changed his tune.


I really enjoy my ‘little’ Ruger SR22. It seems to ‘spit’ any type of ammo that I throw at it ‘flawlessly.’ I ran at least 2k rounds before doing a basic field strip and clean!