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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


@JoeFridaySays If you really want a cool star wars gun you need a C96 Broom handle Mauser or a Sten Gun.:sunglasses:

(Although I must warn you if you chop up an actual C96 I will crawl through the Internet and strangle you with your computer cord!) :angry:

(Just joking brother)


I love the look, but from the product page it’s only for the Mk III, not the IV. Sad day.

I like the look of the Standard Mk IV but doesn’t look like you can add a scope or rail to it. So I’m thinking of seeing what I can do to maybe a Target or Tactical model look the part.


There is a scope base ad on Amazon that gives that impression (and that is a different mount), but the Mark IV 22/45 version that I have came pre-drilled for mounting the Ruger picatinny rail which mounts solidly with the three provided hex screws. Below is a photo of mine with the rail and an optic attached and a link to the Ruger Accessories page. The rail is designed to be reversed and fit more toward the rear of the handgun if you choose to remove the rear sight. Some third-party vendors make a rail that is grooved down the middle and theoretically still allows use of the OEM sight. Search Amazon for “Ruger Picatinny Rail”

Here is the link to the Ruger product page which indicates the rail fits the Mark IV, Mark III, and 22/45 versions. You just need to be certain that the standard Mark IV version you order is factory pre-drilled as there are multiple configurations.



@Johnksg “I must warn you if you chop up an actual C96 I will crawl through the Internet and strangle you with your computer cord!”
I know you were joking but I really wouldn’t blame you. And you have a good eye.

The C96 Mauser on the upper right clearly was the template for Han Solo’s Blaster on the lower left. (That also may be an early prototype of the MCarbo Optic Mount in the photo :grinning:)

Just don’t be steering us toward any Stormtrooper Blaster designs. We’ve all seen repeatedly that you can’t hit a darn thing with those.


@JoeFridaySays @Johnksg You can buy a C96 Mauser

bb gun replica for about $80, then you can chop it up all you want.


Sweet! But to be clear, I have no desire to chop up anything. This is all about a suggestion I made for @TheThreeLaws interest in someday building a Star Wars project gun.


This is the next pistol I will buy…I have always wanted one and it’s now on my radar. My LGS can order it and have it in 2 days.



I like the Hunter/Competition Mk IVs a lot. Really classy. (and actually kinda SWsy if you threw a scope on there.

One fun thing about the original SW trilogy is seeing how many of the guns are just modified WWII era firearms, or other modified ones. The MKIV already has that heritage, so a few mods and accessories to the Tactical should do nicely for my purposes


@TheThreeLaws I agree on the Hunter already having a SW feel. I haven’t gone back to the movies to see why, but something about it says Naboo to me.


That’s exactly what I’m thinking of haha.


I would get a Ruger. I have a Mark 3 target. It has the Volquartsen trigger kit and trigger. It is the smoothest trigger I own. 2 lbs pull with no creep or over travel. I have a red dot sight on it. I lost count of how many turtles I shot with it this summer. I have the heavy recoil spring kit for it now. It should reduce the barrel flip when I shoot the Browning BPR loads. They shoot a 40 grain hollow point at 1435 fps. It shoots great groups with them.


I will have to support that. lol



I have shot the Ruger MK IV and really like it. And it is very easy to field strip.

It is heavy duty construction, so you should be able to shoot it all day if you wish.


You know it is kinda funny, a few months back a few historians and myself were talking about Ruger, how he started (and failed) making tools, got bailed out by Sturm, and ended up copying the Japanese Nambu pistol into a .22!

Everyone says the Nambu is a horrid weapon but so few realize that it is the direct ancestor to the Ruger .22

One of the most popular pistols today and a market mainstay since the 70s.:grin:



There are lots of kits for them… The Ruger Mark IV is on my list, as well… Big smiles! I was planning a Volquartsen rebuild… Yea, I know, I have very expensive tastes. I cannot wait to tally up my Custom 10/22 Build… NOT…



Not so easy to field strip? Did you make the necessary upgrades to improve that? Still, very nice firearm!


I’ve seen a hammer strut kit to fix the hard part of reassembly. I plan to put it in when I put the heavy recoil spring in.


@NRA4ever I have installed the Hammer Strut Kit in my Volquartsen Scorpion which is based on the MKlll, makes it much easier to reassemble.


The accuracy kit I have in mine made it into a shooter. Volquartsen knows their stuff


Two buddies have had issues with the big .454’s and Ruger replaced them, One of the two guys had a lot of issues with a bolt action rifle cycling, they clean it up nice.