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Recommendation For .22 Pistol


Initial cost and some upgrades and red dot im sitting around $650 in mine, but well worth!


I’ve kept it simple so far with just the Ruger Picatinny rail, an inexpensive reflex sight, and the Halo charging handle; the last one justified as being for the wife’s benefit. Anything more will require some quid pro quo bargaining with her, and those exchanges somehow always end up costing a lot more than just double the cost of the gun upgrades.


Part of the fun of these things is that there are so many ways to skin that cat.

Yes, we have all sorts of weapons in our ‘collection’ (hoard?), anything from .22 short to .454. Most are fun to shoot, but we ALWAYS have stupid, ear-to-ear grins on our faces when we walk out of the range after a ‘.22 day’.

I just ordered the parts to make our MkIV 22/45 to look and work like our Mk.III (muzzle brake, ‘halo’ charging loop, titanium firing pin), and added a couple of +1 magazine followers for 11-shot fun. They should be here next week.


Heh, my wife actively-supports the weapons-grade habit!! See the post above^^. We both hit the range about once a month. Usually, it’s to test a new mod on a current, or new weapon.

Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas


Lucky man! And you are so right about a “22 Day” and the stupid grins. There is just something about blowing through several hundred rounds without breaking the Bank that is oh so satisfying, and in my case takes me back to my childhood roaming the farm and plinking with my Browning BL22 lever action. I had that rifle refurbished 20 years ago for my son and it is now waiting in the gun case for my two year old grandson to claim it.


My daughter loves our 22lr days. She’ll go thru 600 rounds between her 10/22 and m&p 15-22. She has 2 110 drum mags for the 10/22 as well as 4 25 round mags and for 15-22 she has 4 25 round mags as well as 4 35 round mags. She goes to town and has a blast


Awesome @d.kaufman2154. The new Era of shooter. Way to go!!


She loves shooting. Been shooting 22’s since she was 4. 8 now. Pretty good with a compound and recurve bow as well. Teach em young!


I liked the Walther P22. It was the only .22 pistol I ever shot, but it functioned like a champ and never had a problem feeding any ammo other than some little anti-snake shot.


I just yesterday installed the TandemKoss halo and muzzle brake on our MkIII. We already had these parts on the MkIV, and really liked them, so I finally picked up the kit for the other one. Our MkIII, BTW is a NRA-edition. It had NRA logo grips, and seemed to have a bit better trigger. Both have the Volquartsen trigger kits in them, though. We also installed the +1 magazine followers for all 4 magazines for these weapons.

G. Beaird,
Pearland, Texas


I agree, that is outstanding!!


I have a S&W 22lr compact with threaded barrel. It is close in size to a S&W MP 9mm shield. I have both the 22 is cheaper to shoot.


I have a a small collection of 22 pistols.

Smith and Wesson MP Compact 22 is a nice reliable 22 as far as 22s go,

This is my latest 22:

Ruger Mark 4 22/45 Lite in Bronze. took off the rail, Updating the front and rear sights.

Added the Volquartsen accurizing kit and updated the grips.


I haven’t read through the whole thread to see if these were mentioned. And I have no experience with either. But I’ve narrowed my search for a .22 pistol to the Ruger Mark IV and the Browning Buck Mark. Right now I’m leaning more towards Ruger. They start at about $350, I think. The stainless Hunter version is definitely the one I want, but it’s $700+. That’s more than I want to spend for a .22

If you would be interested in a magnum, the Kel-Tec PMR-30 looks like a fun shooter. It takes a double stack clip that holds 30 rounds.


@ValorSolo You can’t go wrong with the Ruger, there is so much aftermarket support for that platform if you want to change or upgrade something down the road you can. I don’t know much about the Browning. That Ruger Hunter model in stainless sounds pretty sweet.


I really like my Ruger Mark IV. I have the 22/45 version which uses different magazines than the others and is made to feel (sort of) like a 1911. I bought it a few months ago new on sale with two magazines for just $289. The only modifications I have made are the “Halo” charging handle and adding the Ruger picatinny rail for a reflex sight. Either of the OEM sights are good though and the firearm is extremely accurate.

I considered the Buck Mark but it didn’t seem to have nearly the same level of aftermarket support and wasn’t as readily available at a competitive price.


Had the 22s out of the safe and decided to take pics specifically of the Ruger Mark 4 Hunter…

the crown:

Sights are Williams Firesights


I’ve got a NAA Pug and soon will have a Henry lever action in .22. The costs of ammo have made me realize the merits of .22 for efficient range time.

I’m considering a Mark IV for down the line. Probably at least moderately upgraded. The Hunters with stainless and wood are lovely, though I don’t know how I’ll like the grip angle compared to the 22/45.

Kinda would love to build something that looks like it came out of a “Star Wars” movie or something, being a nerd. But that’s a future project most likely


@TheThreeLaws It is currently out of stock, but TandemKross makes a Cone shaped Charging Handle for the 22/45 that would let you start on your Star Wars thing and get that Mark IV at the same time.



@JoeFridaySays The cone looks like the end of a “ray gun”…but on the wrong end. :thinking: