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Recommendation For .22 Pistol

I’m looking for a 22lr pistol that I can have all day fun at the range with, I’ve tried the mk3 Ruger, m&p 22. I don’t think I can rent them all so I’m turning to you all for advice, I liked both of them but the Ruger looked like a pain to field strip. Let me know what your favorites are and why and what I should stay away from, I want something simple that can take the abuse of thousands of rounds and be “accurate” edit I noticed that most of the recommendations are for high dollar 22s, I’m trying to save :moneybag: by shooting 22 and would like to go with a more affordable with above criteria​:grin:


Get the newest version of the Ruger in whatever flavor you like. The takedown is super simple compared to the Rube Goldberg type bastard design of yesteryear.


I have the M&P Compact .22 and put 1000s of rounds through it. I also have the Ruger Mark IV, like them both and they both are accurate, well built, and will go all day.


Ruger mark iv 22/45 lite. Great shooting pistol. 1 button takedown, unlike the mark 1, 2, & 3s. Lots of accessories available. Available with threaded barrel. Heres a pic of mine


My Ruger Mark IV with some Spectre II hotness!


I don’t think anyone near me has a mk IV for rent, I was also looking in to the s&w victory because I’ve heard good things about it, anyone own one of those? The pistols that sell well, I can’t find for rent around me because they end up selling the rental unit…


I guess with the Ruger Mark IV you just have to believe that it’s gonna be well made, accurate, and reliable. Ruger has earned that trust. No rental needed. Buy with confidence.


I’ve never once rented a pistol to try it out before buying one. IMO, you need to “live with it” for a while and a rental session won’t provide that. Surprisingly, I’ve really never been disappointed with my purchases, either. I usually get tired of something rather than it being bad and I just sell/trade it off for something else, which is also extremely rare. :+1:


@wedge Samesies! I have had a few regrettable purchases though. I’ve sold a few I never thought twice about and I’ve sold a few I immediately wanted back. I’m at the point now though where I’m only buying what I intend to use. No more collectibles for me. Prioritizing ammo over new Guns.


Yeah, I don’t buy firearms too much anymore. I did update my EDC with a Glock 43 and, obviously, got the SUB2000 last year, but that’s pretty much it. Oh, well, except for that lever action because I’d never owned a lever action rifle. LOL


My short list of wants is an Arex Rex Alpha, Tavor 7, and a Mossberg Shockwave with brace. I don’t need any of them and most likely won’t get any of them anytime soon but if I hit the lotto it’s a done deal haha


I had this discussion before with a few guys and on another forum and I came to the conclusion of a Ruger SR22 it was going to be a gift for my wife that didn’t happen but on my short list.image


The sr22 does also come highly recommended, of course there’s always the Walther, Walther is the reason why I’m considering the m&p 22 since that’s who makes the m&p and I like m&p warranty and customer service.


Do you own a 1911? I’m asking 'cause slide conversions make them into outstanding 22s.

I own 4 22 pistols. The NAA Holster Grip definitely fails the “all-day” criteria. The pair of Heritage Rough Riders also fail unless you are still officially counting half years in your age. I have 2 slide conversions - a Wilson Combat and a Commander Length (4.25" barrel) Advantage Arms - for my 1911s.

If I didn’t already have a 1911 - I’d order:

It is Rock Island Armory’s XT 22 which is also available as a 22lr/45ACP combo shooter: XT-22/45ACP Combo.


@Dred I do have a set of 1911s but I never shot it and probably never will, they were a custom parting gift from some friends that are no longer around, I was looking in to those ria 1911s, my only concern was that they didn’t really have back end support but with them opening a place in or around Vegas, they may be a very viable option, I haven’t really heard or read any reviews on their 22s though and I’ve thought about the conversion but I hear that the springs are hit and miss…


Have you though of a Ruger Single Six. Sounds like it would meet you requirements. Use ones can be found for a very reasonable price. R S Remembering Skeeter Skelton


I don’t think I want to go with a revolver, semi auto is so much easier to reload… Just want to be able to pew pew pew all day long, there are a few revolvers I want but they are bigger bore and cost too much, I am saving up for a .357 mag, always wanted one of those


Anyone have any experience with the gsg m1911 22lr? They used to sell as sig but now it’s gsg because sig is discontinuing there 22s it seems…


Every one i know that has the Sig Mosquito/GSG hates it. Very unreliable from my understanding. The sig version is nothing more than the gsg with Sigs name on it. Id stay away.
Go with either Ruger Mark Iv, ruger Sr22, M&P 22, or a walther 22. Just my opinion. I own both the Mark IV and Sr22. Both great, prefer the Mark IV. Friends own the other 2 a like them alot. Another option would be a Browning Buckmark. Those run well too. I had one but traded it as i really had no need for 3 22lr handguns. I’ve heard iffy reviews on the S&W Victory also


Ruger Mk IV. If you don’t like something about it or something breaks on you, you can always purchase a new/better part.