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Recommend a hard locking case?

I was thinking of traveling to FL for some sun and fun and relaxation. Kel-Tec HQ is 35 minutes from Orlando. I can drop off my sub2000 for upgrades while I’m there. The problem I’m finding is that pistol cases are too small and rifle cases seem to be way too big. Any recommendations for a hard case with locks that fits the sub2000?

Alternatively, I’m thinking of shipping it directly with FedEx but the prospect of putting any firearm in the mail right now concerns me.


I would start here…


FWIW I use an old briefcase to transport mine.


The Apache Cases from Harbor Freight offer a lot of value for the money and are now available in various colors. The two below will hold a folded Sub 2000 although you may need to angle it in the 4800 if you have a muzzle brake. Both have strong holes for a padlock or other locking device.

Here is my 4800 with Kaizen foam cut for the S2K and a handgun with plenty of room for spare mags and ammo.

And here is the 5800 rolling case which can be really handy.


I hate buying from China but since this is a first time buy I went on the cheap side and bought this case:

It’s $80 versus the Pelican case that’s $180. This case will probably sit in a locked closet except when I might use it one time for airport transfer or a few times a year I might take it to the range. So I figure I’ll give this a try and if it seems like an item I will use a lot more then maybe I’ll upgrade to the Pelican in the future:


One thing. As others have noted in related threads, the standard open-cell foam that comes with cases can imprint on a firearm over time. So do not store a firearm in the case. If you will leave it in the case for an extended period, replace the foam with kaizen or a similar product. While expensive, it is far superior and can be custom cut for a much better fit than the pick and pluck foam will give you.


@JoeFridaySays I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks for the heads up!!

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Pelicans aren’t worth the price. I’ve been using the same cases as @JoeFridaySays Harbor Freight Apache 4800 works great
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