Recoilless Charging Handle on CA Featureless Kit

The recoilless charging handle is so thick that I cannnot easily fit my finger (with gloves due to arthritis) between the new charging handle and the Featureless Fin (CA). Would I have the same issue with the Double Finger Charging Handle with handle covers? Please advise. Happy Holidays!


@Kona123 First of all Don welcome to the brotherhood! :+1: We are glad you joined the community. :us:

Without measurements and pictures all I can do is tell you that (as I recall) the double finger charging handle is about 1/2 the thickness of the charging handle you probably have now. Hope that helps in some way. Sorry to say that my knowledge of those “lifesaving” featureless fins is very limited.


@Kona123 I had the double finger on my previous Sub. It worked great without the covers. I think you’ll be fine with it.


Thats the key. If you add the covers to the double, its almost as wide as the Recoiless handle.

Not being terribly familiar with the cali regulations, i wonder if you can trim a little off the back of the fin, or if its already at some minimum surface area spec?


The double finger is pretty much the same thicknesses as the stock charging handle. Just longer to accommodate a second finger. If the ridiculous fin doesn’t extend at a weird angle, you would probably be fine with it.

Other than that I would say move the hell away from California. But I also realize not everyone has the means to just pick up and leave and take that financial loss. So best of luck.


Thanks for the speedy replies! Will give the Double Finger Charging Handle a go!