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Recoiless Charging Handle vs. Double Finger Handle


Hey guys! I’m currently using the Mcarbo double finger charging handle. I have no problem with it. Just wondering if there is any benefit to the Recoiless Charging Handle vs this one. Thanx.


I prefer the double finger and I’ve extensively used both. Buy confidently with either one it’s just more of a personal preference. I did not notice a recoil difference between the two. The lifesaver buffer and the muzzle brake already substantially reduce the recoil. :+1:t2:


The lifesaver and muzzlebrake are awesome. I’ll probably stick with what I have. But ya never know. I like to tinker, and bored due to east coast snow storm and no work today. No need for a CDL driver when trucks are banned from the roads today. Lol


It’s all about preference, I went with the heavier “recoiless” handle just because it felt sturdier and even if it only adds a little less recoil that would be a bonus.


I went with the recoilless handle, the buffer and keltec’s heavy bolt. The recoil of the 9mm was very surprising on this weapon and my wife and daughters could not handle it very well.


I have the recoiless charging handle, the red lifesave, KT heavy bolt, and muzzle brake. It feels like a .22lr now. Doubles are way easier, groups are much tighter.
The brake was the biggest impact on recoil. The RCH and red lifesaver together didn’t do much. But the combo of those two plus the KT heavy bolt was also quite significant.
One last thing. The factory charging handle is more difficult to tell it’s the charging handle by mere feel alone. The RCH has a fat unmistakable feel that your fingers are on the charging handle. I do not have the double finger but I would guess you have the same benefit from that as well. IMHO the fat charging handle is nice with cold fingers.


I purchased the double finger charging handle with grip cover in 12/16. I have arthritis in my fingers and this makes charging the sub very easy for me. This is my second one as the first batch had a defect in the steel. I will buy the new and improved one with the SS locking pin when it becomes available.