Recoil Pad For SUB2000


Not a recoil pad but I did add a neat little rattlesnake turks knot that I think adds a little character. Yes I was bored…



In the age where we have 3D printers I’m surprised no one has made a better sub-2000 butt stock.



@s2k … 3 or 4 examples of printed stocks can be found rooting 'round at KTOG.



kel tec sub 2000 gen2 recoil pad: I’m surprised M*CARBO hasn’t come out with this yet since it seems almost impossible to find online. The ATI recoil pad isn’t available any longer on Amazon.



You can buy it directly from ATI.

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Thanks dude. I have to put it on the gun, she thinks the recoil is still to strong even though I I had already put on the recoil bufferspring pad. I’ll get the muzzle break too…just because I think it looks “bad-ass”!

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Do a search on this forum for 3D Printed Butt Pad. This member is making up a pretty nice stock attachment on a 3D printer to give a better fit on the shoulder and lengthen the stock.



I am using the Vietnam era XM177E2 reproduction that ProMag put out a ferw years ago, not sure if they are still floating around out there, but this works well on the Sub 2K.


@Squidder_K not the OG but found this for AR

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