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Recoil Pad For SUB2000


so you are culpret that @johnksg was talking about. !!!
Do you have any pictures of what you did ?
can you send pictures of the mod on the fore end ?


I see your picture now. since it was under recoil pad I did not think of following it until now


I sent you a more recent pic with the rail mods on it


To my email address ?


PM let me check I’m on a weak signal at the inlaws


sorry to interrupt .
I will be looking forward to it later. Thanks for the thoughts !!!


Not at all, I need a reason to slip away every now and then. It says it sent an hour again did you not get the green notification?


Could have run the rails further towards the sight just decided against it


I have found the early Vietnam era XM177 (pre-curer to the later M4) , which has a smaller collapsible stock.

Pro Mag makes it now. I heard they were going to try and make it for the larger M4, so it may no longer be available.

image As this has an Army Ordnance ball in the middle of it, I had to have it. As the merger of Army Warrants into the the other branches gave me the Ordnance branch insignia. I had to tweak it slightly, and by no means is this a soft pad, it is hard rubber. But at 6’2", this gives me about an extra inch of length of pull, so it does feel more comfortable for me.


Here is a better view on the Sub 2K


Bout to do something similar. Mine is two years old and started splitting


Post picture of what you come up with. Bound to be a number of solutions.jim


You might also consider the holster idea suggested by @Johnksg based on an original concept by @silverstring. The Uncle Mike’s size 4 holster fits like it was made for it and has room for a 5/8" piece of dense foam padding. A size 5 might fit over your existing pad. Add a couple of grommets for reinforcement to attach it and you have a nice alternative for under $10.


I decided to contact them about the tears and they say they are sending me a replacement! Wow eh?


That is awesome. Definitely need to add that seller to the good guy list.


I thought I was the OG of the pistol holster recoil pad…


@Flogrown I was not aware of that post by you. it should be obvious from my post above and others that I am meticulous about giving credit and I would have given you appropriate acknowledgement had I known. My apologies.

Still, it shows that good ideas are good ideas and that the smart folks on this forum often get to the same point on their own. And good ideas sometimes get buried in older posts. That is why it is so important to post good ideas even if they may have been posted before.

Again, my apologies for failure to recognize your earlier post.


I was only kidding, it didn’t take me long to figure out that the pistol holster was perfect so its no surprise to me that others have resorted to it. Great minds think alike. That’s why we are all here to learn from and share with others.


Got my brand new replacement from ATI a couple days ago. Great company and good product.


I’m a nerd so I tried the Koozie idea and I like it. If nothing else it adds a personal touch. I also found an old generic soft holster that slides over nicely. We’ll see how it does next time I go but it’s more for a couple of girl friends that go often with me and it was a bit much for them. Hope it helps.