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Recoil Pad For SUB2000


I like that, helps to extend the butt back, too


Yes, it does do that, it is a bit expensive for what it is, m carbo could probably make it better and sturdier but mine came with it so I’m not complaining.:slightly_smiling_face:


How is that holding up for you? Saw a lot of complaints in the reviews that the ears that hold it to the stock break off and the silicon pad gets sticky.


Exactly ! or they get Spread Out and Wont Hold at the top, From the Front Sight


Working great for me, I haven’t had any problems with it sticky or tearing…


@Texprep I’ve been using the ATI butt pad with no issues. I was told that if you take it on and off alot it will rip. It is a little tacky for grip but not sticky. It adds 3/4" to length of pull. My .40 S2K gave me some shoulder bruising and there is nothing else out there that I’ve seen for the S2K butt stock. And yes, MCARBO could probably do better.


I’ve had the ATI pad for about a year. Noticed last range trip the thing is falling apart. Tore a chunk out of the top corner and it’s split at the bottom. I don’t think I’ve been especially hard on it…took it off for regular cleanings. I’ll probably order a new one and just be especially careful.


Here’s my latest…

/Users/jimgilliam/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/06/00/67d/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_67d.jpg


Here is my solution. I used Jimbro’s post above as a guide for drilling holes in the buttstock for cable ties. But I did not want unsightly cable ties just wrapping around the recoil pad I made by laminating gun case foam scraps and craft foam. So I came up with the solution below where the cable ties pass through and under a sleeve that covers the foam part of the pad. You still see them, but they are a lot less obvious and things look much neater.

I reinforced the holes with ¼ inch black grommets to avoid tearing and give a neater appearance, and also discovered in the process that the best place to find a varied assortment of small grommets is not at a hardware or craft store but at a fabric and sewing center where the nice sales ladies will look at you like some Troglodyte before correcting you and calling them “eyelets” instead of grommets. Many come with a nylon washer to reinforce the leather or other “fabric” to help prevent tearing. You can’t see it here, but I glued a piece of craft foam to the back of the leather to reinforce it before I learned of the nylon washers provided with the “eyelets”.

I kept the finished pad fairly low on the stock to avoid any possible interference with the sight, but there actually is plenty of room to extend it higher if you wish. While I used a nice piece of pebble grain leather, someone with more talent than me could use a smooth piece of leather and tool a nice design since routing the cable ties this way leaves a large open area to work with.

I did not want to clutter the Forum with them, but I have step by step photos, dimensions, etc. of the construction. Just message me if you want that information and I will send it to you. I am tied up at work so it may take a few days, but I will respond. The leather piece I used is 3” x 3 ¾“ and the holes with “eyelets” are roughly ¾“ in from each corner which corresponds with the holes drilled in the buttstock.


Nice!! Love how we each take it a step further…


Is there any exploration or development for a cushioned butt pad for the Sub2K…?


Unless you’re looking for mcarbo product, then it does not exist yet


That’s pretty much what we have. It’s made by Advanced Technologies International. They claim 1.25" more LOP, but I think it’s closer to 1" or less. Still, better than nothing, so far.


@FoldedCarbine I have one and just measured, the ATI pad adds 3/4" to LOP.


@dave67 that thing doesn’t look too comfy what are your thoughts? You have the .40 right?


@Flogrown Yes, I have the .40. All I can say is that its more comfy with it than without it…but it be ugly. This is why MCARBO needs to come up with a butt stock replacement.


@dave67 I hear ya, my last range trip I forgot to take my butt stock pad big difference for sure.


@dave67 - Thank you. That was about what I thought. Yes, it does work as a recoil pad, but we primarily got it to improve the LOP. I don’t find the recoil to be that bad on our 9mm S2K, and this pad does ease that some. My wife and I could both use a bit more LOP.


It’s not the prettiest thing but I don’t even notice that it’s there and whenever I pull mine out and other people gawk at it, I don’t think they notice either… if you have an fed s2k or any other color then black, I can see where it could be an issue…


That is one advantage to making your own. You can match the color to the rifle and pick the amount and type of padding you want. And I personally prefer the leather that I used to the feel of the commercial product. But it’s still Ugly. :smiley: