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Recoil Pad For SUB2000


Guys are you planning to make recoil pad I cannot find anything…
The only one I found looks ugly and it’s short…
That’s one I’m looking for (on the picture)6175122_01_kel_tec_sub_2000_generation_2__640 but looks like this guy do not make them anymore and it looks amazing…

Cushioned Butt Pad for Sub2000
New owner of sub k2 2gen
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I use the one from ATI, and as far as I know some folks here do the same.

Works pretty well for me.


Yeah I seen that one. But it’s not big enough and out of stock…


Ohhh I think I got the last one of those off Amazon. :grin: I use Amazonsmile and selected the NRA Foundation as my charity. Gives me a warm feeling to see them get a little every time I buy :smiling_imp:


I don’t use one on my 9 or 40 … The buffer works well on the 9 … The buffer and the heavy bolt from Kel Tec works well on the 40 … MCarbo also has a charging handle that is also suppose to help suppress the recoil as does their new muzzle break and I have these on order , I also have the Kel Tec Sub 2k cases for both of mine and an the added recoil pad would only lengthen rifle when collapsed and more then likely they wouldn’t fit in their cases after doing this …


@Firedog I have the 9 and use the MCarbo Recoilless Charging Handle and the muzzle brake, also the recoil buffer ( red life saver). There is almost no recoil and no muzzle flip with this set up. I don’t think a recoil pad could make it any softer shooting.


I have the ATI recoil butt pad installed on my Sub-2000 in .40 cal. along with recoiless charging handle, recoil buffer and muzzle break. I don’t mind the recoil of the .40 cal. but my shoulder would get brused from the Kel-Tec hard plastic butt stock so the ATI butt pad helps to reduce this and also adds about 3/4" to length of pull.


I would like the ATI buttpad or something similar since I can’t find it any where online just to ad the length. And as for the case length issue the muzzle break itself will already be adding length and butt pad will just even it out when folded


@Doitsouthstyle Yes, the ATI pad does help to even the Sub-2000 with muzzle brake when folded.


I made my own from a modified pistol holster. Also can carry 2 mags if I choose


I see you modified the front of your sub significantly. Is that the nose of a Gen1 fabricated to fit in front of…is that a Kel Tec forend? That’s rad! And what front sight are you using?

11" Aluminum Picatinny Rail
Full Length Forend

@Boomchucker Yes sir it is a Kel-Tec aluminum forend and I cut a piece of the original forend to fit in front of it. I actually use the old foreend piece as my hand grip for my long arms. Thanks man. I like to tinker. Stock irons front and back. Planning on upgrading to the Mcarbo notch flip up. The red dot is a cheapo my dad gave me off one of his sks

11" Aluminum Picatinny Rail

I haven’t found the recoil of the 9mm that bad, even without any add on’s … The 40 kicks a little … However I also have a buffer inside both of mine, I have just order the muzzle brakes for both and the recoilless charging handle … I also have Keltec’s heavy bolt in the 40 … It will be interesting to find out how much difference there is in the recoil after I receive and install the brake and charging handle … I tried the pad, but took it off, it just added length and in my opinion didn’t do a whole lot of good …


I’m new to this form. Primary for the Kel-Tec Sub k2 2nd gen.


I have purchased Mcarbo parts and I’m looking for a but stock pad that dosen leave the k2 stock marks on my sholder. But can still fold. Thanks ahead of time.


But until then. When I go swimming it will be easier to find other sub 2000 owners to talk too. Lol.


I cut a piece of that foam weather stripping to put on mine


They make the rubber padding that works pretty well on mine, it’s a soft rubbery substance.

If interested, it’s on Amazon


Weatherstripping, after and before


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I sliced a section out of foam tube they use for water pipe insulation. I put a strip of Velcro on it and the end of the stock.