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Reccomendations for security items

Well it happened again last night. Someone got into our back yard. This time from the east houses backyard. They are only home 3-4 days a month the rest of the time it’s vacant, they don’t lock their side gate and it was open. In the process of figuring out exactly what they plan to do (what ever that will help lol), as crime is rising in my hood now that we have a few vacant homes around here. The north house is vacant as well. I’ve put up a motion detection system and works awesomely. Got more sensor heads coming soon. I’m on a shoe string budget here so I’m looking for budget friendly but decent quality stuff. I know I can’t buy the best stuff at the moment, nor am I willing to go into debt to do so.

Not interested in cameras unless they are not wireless based, but might be willing to make a sacrifice there. So I need some recommendations for motion lights, or good lasting quality flood lights and camera systems that can be strongly secured.

Also I talked to the neighbors around to ask if they saw anything, and they haven’t. Which just adds to my frustration. Talked with the fuzz on the non emergency line and there isnt much they can do (didnt expect them to help anyways). My sister and I can only stay awake for so long for “patrol” lol. They did take a tote that had some planting stuff in it, containers and a almost empty blood meal fertilizer bag.

Any ways, thanks all for the help/input.


I supplement my perimeter cameras with a Wyze camera, requires usb power. It can use a microsd card for recording on motion detection or pay a small fee for cloud storage. App can live monitor and view recorded events. Resolution is decent for what it cost.

Revamped some motion lights on the backside of the house with these Lutec metal lights.

Sensors activated from a fair distance, can be adjusted.


how close are people in around you.


From back of house to property line around 75 feet, around 150 feet from my house to east house, with a elevation loss of around 10 feet. North house about 30 feet, south house about 40 feet. West is the street.


@CatFood Did you ask the fuzz what to do when you catch the criminal trespasser(s)??? Better have a plan. Be careful.

My bet is they live close by.

Record the dates and time frames this may have happened.

Put something on the ground that will show footprints and set it before you crash.



@MountainHunter They told me to just dial 911 if I see the person. I’m currently working that north eastern corner for garden expansion. But I have wire, poultry netting and cattle mesh all over that place now. If they enter I’ll see it. It seems who or what ever it is is constantly changing the entry point. Maybe testing if I notice. Neighbor across the street and one house down has a dude living in a shed in his backyard.

Been keeping track of dates.

I have 2 sheds one big one and a smaller one that causes blind spots. East neighbor is currently rebuilding the fence so I have around 100’ of 5’ poultry netting/cattle mesh set up. Nothing was cut, just folded over, like only a human can do. They do have a dog but it’s sub 10 pounds and zero tracks in my backyard.

@GOBLIN here is a quick sketch of my hood. Nothing to scale lol.

Edit to add, since no one around me has had any activity in their yards or attempted break ins has narrowed it down to our house being targeted. This has me concerned quite a bit.

Would it be out of line to get a hole of the land Lord of the north house and tell him occupie it or sell it, don’t leave it vacant? Seems this crap started shortly after the house was vacated.


Put a “neighborhood crime watch” sign up…find out how to do it legally. That will show them you are aware and waiting.

Put “No Trespassing” signs up.

How long will it take for 911 to get a patrol car to you?

Ask the Sheriffs to patrol your hood…do they now?


I would say they coming from the north by the vacant property they know that corner is empty .I would set some test trips, fishing line trip wires,just to trip em make em fall and cuss when they pound the ground, or set some to a magnetic switch battery and car alarm horn, something small but loud easy to rig. you sure you dont have a crackhead squatting at that house? pull a all nighter and watch that house for movement. they might be comeing and going when they know everyone is asleep.


@MountainHunter Doing the no trespassing signs Monday. We do have a neighborhood watch signs, I’ll call my contact to see if we can fire it up again. We had it going but no one gave a rat’s butt to participate. Hmm with how things are now I’d say a few hours to come for just a person in the yard, but I don’t have a solid answer. I’ll give them a call again and see if I can get specifics and solider answers. And possibly a patrol.

@GOBLIN I agree with you. I want to say first entry was through side gate, but they could have hopped the wall and left out of gate. I’m pulling a all nighter tonight, as my gut is telling me something’s up (it’s also too quiet right now too). If there is squatters they are the quietest ones I have ever heard lol. We have grape plants all along the wall and put up vine support wire today about shin height. I ate crap today already so they should too. I’ll hear it lol.

Just why take a tote full of those cheap plastic garden pots and a tiny bit of blood meal? Vampire maybe lol?


probably for the tote they were in. box sitting there grab it on the way by look whats in it later. I would catch a few snakes, put em in a tote, set. it and set it out bout dark but i always been a sadistic bastard…put some shipping peanuts in there as well,so they gotta feel around LOL


Trip wire to a large Tesla coil in the yard might make them back off…:boom::zap::scream:
And your garden might like it…:grin:


this is easy as it gets.


i still wanna get some of these, to hang on yardsale handbags, and leave em on benches down at the battery on a sunday, then punch the number and watch the fun…
sheer entertainment value alone…


Lot of very good ideas here for you CatFood.
I have tried a lot of them and ended up with wired cameras.
The quality of cameras has increased considerably and the cost has decreased in recent years.

I currently have three separate recorded systems, 12, 8, and 4 cameras . 24 cameras. yes overkill but I’m recording you from at least two locations no matter where you are at on the outside property and even inside two buildings.

They have also gotten a lot easier to use. You can watch your cameras real time on your cell phone, Use your TV as the monitor if you want to as well. The zoom features are outstanding.

You can start with a small system with 4 cameras.

As you said there is a cost . I see decent 4 camera systems in the range of three to four fifty.
Combine them with your audio set up and you will be able take a good aim. lol

The big advantage I think is you get some kind of evidence. That could be especially important if the bad guy/girl wants to get physical.

Good Luck and stay safe.


Get a dog. Do not go wireless for surveillance system. The red wire in a motion detector can also trip an MP3/remote speaker…"WTF! {sound of shotgun being racked}…)


dog like this :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :smiling_imp:


12 gauge Primer Alarms Work well, Along with the Brite Strike Style’ You will hear it’ WWW.BRITE -STRIKE.COM :+1:


And just where are you getting these??? :rofl:



why i was askin how close are neighbors :smiling_imp:


@Festus Couple of Sights on line’ Legal and they even ship to AK google Perimeter alarms camping/bear