Reassembly of bolt into receiver

This Gen 2 Sub 2000 runs fine but I have to push the hammer down in order to get the bolt and weight back into the receiver/tube. I bought this new a couple of months ago so I called KelTec and the tech told me to use something like a screwdriver to push the hammer down enough for the bolt to move forward. That works fine although it is not in the instruction manual and seems like a flaw in design. Anyone out there have any comments on this?
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There are multiple threads on this. The hammer MUST be cocked for reassembly. Most of us cock the firearm before stripping and engage the safety to be sure the hammer remains cocked. If it is not for some reason, use a wooden dowel to cock it.
Even then, some guns will require substantial pressure to get the bolt to slide over the hammer. I do not want to exert too much pressure on the charging handle so I (and others) do the following:
Place the gun barrel down on a soft surface. Line up the charging handle hole and literally drop the bolt into the tube letting weight and gravity carry it past the hammer.


Thanks for the response Brian, I did read the threads on this but they all were a year or two old so I thought KT may have fixed this issue and I ended up with an older Sub2K! I have a few items coming from M Carbo so I’ll try the method you described when I install them. I did have the hammer cocked before disassembly. When the KT tech told me to use something to press the hammer down further it was a first for me. I too, would prefer gravity to do the job since I’m pretty finicky about the condition of my firearms and don’t want to beat them up.

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Just reach the old pinky finger in there and put a little bit of downward pressure on the hammer. The bolt will go in easily then. Like @JoeFridaySays, there must be multiple posts about this subject. Not a big deal. Just means you’re less of a sub 2k rookie now.


That is deffently what she said. :rofl: