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Rear Sight Suggestions/Upgrades Prior to Releasing Gen 2

Re: question here as to why my original post covering this info was deleted (and over a week after first posted): Post Deletion Policies?

Per the search function, nothing in my original post a was a dupe in content, nor was any of the content applicable to any other thread I found. Active on several gun boards and have never head a problem with moderators, and generally accepted as knowing my head from rear (same applies IRL) – and no, those forums aren’t ARFCOM… Regardless, if dupe, surprised thread wasn’t merged rather than deleted.

Further as I specifically mentioned at the end of the post that was deleted, I was happy to patronize a SF vet-owned business, as my grandfather was a relatively early combat-disabled Green Beret (prior to the release of the John Wayne movie). And I thought the constant improvement that my grandfather taught and modeled – and in no small part b/c of him that I try to live – applies to the business model here per Chris’ repeated references to “constant improvement” in the vids; hence, me taking the time to write more extensive and time consuming feedback than I’d otherwise provide in that earlier post… Which is why I was bummed and surprised that that post was deleted… But if there’s something I’m missing, please advise.

Regardless, just saw the announcement vid of the Gen 2 rear sight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMON4gel6PQ
Maybe that had something to do w/ it, since none of my suggestions were implemented or concerns addressed?

Here’s the quick and dirty of my suggestions re: rear sight from deleted post – I’m extremely serious about these being changes I’d like to see, believe they would be universally beneficial, and am suggesting in good faith, so if deleted again, I’ll again be disappointed but nevertheless get the hint:

-Increase to 4 Flats on the center pin. Would allow both left and right hand shooters to push forward to raise (rather than current pull back) AND keep the lever horizontal when sight deployed for slightly better increased sight picture for those of us unable to shoot irons w/ both eyes open – for me, red dots are fine for 2 eyes, but irons aren’t. My Gen 1 MCARBO rear peep does open when I unfold (a “new” feature in Gen 2 vid), so my actual preference would be to point to rear horizontal to minimize snag potential and maximize sight picture. Again, see no downside and minimal add’l manufacture cost in milling 4 flats vs 2. As is, I have my lever on left facing up when rear sight folded, and forward when it’s raised.

-The second major suggestion is to make the side of the rear sight towards eye flat, and switch the rear sight bevel towards the front. This would serve to eliminate glare and slightly increase amount of light transferred through the peep. There’s zero benefit to bevel towards rear. Since not beveled all the way through, it doesn’t increase range of view or anything else.
The wider peep in Gen 2 will reduce said bevel glare vs Gen 1 with longer bevel but doesn’t remedy the issue. I posted this blurb from the TheNewRifleman (the 1k yard iron sight AR guys) regarding that describes more eloquently than me – and know their irons:
" This causes the FLAT side of the small peep to present to the shooter. This actually has a huge benefit. All glint from the environment is eliminated. Either the peep sight is fully illuminated or is fully shaded.

The standard USGI peep has a cup milled into the small aperture, and this causes light to reflect off the curved surface. This glint detracts from the sight picture. The flat BlackHawk! (cue swat jumping from explosions) aperture is vastly improved. This isn’t the first time that companies have noticed the glint. Armalight’s discontinued Infantry Classic AR15A2 shipped with a modified FLAT aperture noting the same benefits. See the review here. Near the bottom of the article is a photo of Armalight’s flat aperture."
From here: http://www.thenewrifleman.com/ar15a2-this-old-gun-extreme-makeover-edition/

-And the third possible suggestion (IIRC, said “maybe consider” in original) was to consider reversing the allen key from front to rear, allowing the sight to be centered while lowered in the handguard notch when tightening – Chris repeatedly notes the centering issue in the Gen 2 video, which was part of why I originally oriented the allen key towards rear, the other being the peep bevel and glare issue previously outlined. I’ve done enough maintenance on my Sub2k that I don’t need the vids to install parts, but watched after installing the rear sight in what I thought was proper, but was in fact reversed, orientation failed to allow the rear sight to fully raise.

And then I closed the original post by noting that MCARBO rear sight was leaps and bounds better than factory, but IMO could be made even better w/ the above revisions, as well as complementing a couple other MCARBO Sub2k upgrade parts…

In close: at the price-point, I certainly think it’d be beneficial to MCARBO’s customers and its net profits to get Gen2 fully squared away and then produce in bulk rather than continued revisions–and I believe above suggestions would help to accomplish perfection–but recognize the sample size here is just my opinion, and that of one, even though I try not to opine unless I can contribute something of substance…

Thanks for reading and taking suggestions into consideration.


After reading this several times I think I understand it. Don’t think it’ll happen but who knows? We’re just having a conversation here. And you’re right, after searching again, this thread stands in a category all by itself.:wink:


I just drilled out the rear peep sight and Im fine with that… for now