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Rear sight for sub 2k

Sorry folks but I need more help. I absolutely hate the rear peep sight on my sub 2k. I am looking to replace it with some kind of open notch sight. I am also getting the Olight Baldr pro light and laser for Christmas so I want a sight where i can quickly acquire new targets. Any suggestions?



MCARBO makes a machined aluminum open notch rear sight. Click on the Sub-2000 Rear Sight listing and at the bottom you’ll see an option for Peep or Notch.


Is the open-notch rear sight the same height as the standard sight? If not, is there enough take-up in the front sight post to offset the difference?

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I dont have the new sight yet. If I need a new front sight that is okay too

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Yes and no.

To keep a regular notch sight picture, you need a longer front sight post. But, some folks report success running a modified sight picture with the factory post.


I think I may take it to my gunsmith and see what he suggests. They also do all kinds of machining. Greatly appreciate all of your input

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My comment would apply here as well

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Thank you Buck. I think I will try this option as I have trouble with my cheek weld with the standard peep sight

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