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Really enjoying a Henry Big Boy 357

Hello everyone. So I picked up a new Henry a few days ago on a crazy impulse purchase that thankfully is not regrettable, it’s really beginning to grow on me. It seems that they get a bad rap from the cowboy action shooters mainly I believe from not wanting to feed smooth during rapid working of the action, still not sure about that though because I haven’t tried it yet. Plus they are a little heavy to swing on target fast.
I can’t pick up the buck horn sights well with my eyes but was able to hit a steel half man at 300 yards from a table using good old Kentucky windage. It seems that roughly 2.5 feet of holdover worked well. I found a very nice looking ladder sight online for this gun machined from solid bar stock,and the same company makes a brass front blade that will give a cleaner sight picture than the equiped bead.Most likely those two items will get ordered within a few days.My first goal is to be able to ring steel at 300 yards standing without a rest, don’t know how that’s going to work out but it seems like a fun challenge.
I’m kicking around the idea of doing some very light polishing of the trigger with a super fine grit tool and die maker oil stone but I can’t make up my mind.It will probably be best to leave it alone as it’s a nice pull weight as it is. My brother-in-law shot it today and started to laugh as he worked the action and hit everything he aimed at. I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks one up,I think he likes it more than I do if that’s possible.
Anyways,just wanted to rant about that for a little, thanks for bearing with me and stay safe/have fun.


I have one as well. They are awesome.


Who doesn’t love a Henry?


If you distance shooting with a lever gun, three things you can do to make it easier.
#1 fold down rear adjustable sight. Lymen and a few others still make em.
#2 Hooded front sight
#3 Vernier tang sight Lyman #2 vernier tang sight.

and one other option, find or make a big loop “rifleman” or "john Wayne ’ Lever…
I do the same thing to every Winchester ive ever obtained…


I hate mine. The constant smiling when using it makes my face hurt and I can’t seem to keep a stock of ammo for it… :grinning:


I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one with that problem. I haven’t cast bullets in a while, last night while digging my melting pot out of the cabinet, I discovered a nice pile of cast bullets.I was so happy at that moment. Went straight to reloading until 3:00 a.m.