M*CARBO Brotherhood

Rdb convertion to m43 wood furniture

OK my KelTec Brothers we all know that KelTec made a beautiful bullpen rifle known as The RDB in 5.56. Im looking to start up a convo to get either Mcrarbo or kelTec to make an upgrade kit or in KelTec form the actual gun known as the M43 wood furniture version of the RDB, at the least it would be cool if Mcarbo made a kit for us but id really like for Mcarbo to whisper in Keltecs R AND D Departments ear that we want these guns and make an RFB whitch was a 308 maybe also in say 6.5 creedmore or .6.5PRC I like battle rifles think theres a market here and maybe with enoug comments we can get some traction


Love to see a wood furniture conversion for the RDB…so awesome and fun to shoot.