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Range that I've been working on

I was asked on another thread for a pic of the range I built. This pic is from summer 2018 I believe. Since then I’ve added in another spot behind my truck and to the left of that big bush along the fence line (150 yards from targets). My truck is parked at the 100 yard cleared area. The pic is taken from the top of the creek bank where the majority of the steel is hung (it’s hung lower down, not anywhere near the top of the bank). If you look close you can see four 8" steel diamond targets in front of the clearing that the tire tracks end at. That’s the 50 yard line. The Diamonds are at 15 yards from the 50 and are for pistol.

Also added is another lane down the center from 50. Those cleared patches closest to the bottom are aimed at targets on the bank between 15 to 20 yards and they are for pistol. Added as well is the spot for the Texas Star, it’s by the 8" diamonds. Where the tire tracks are is mowed now too. Also a trail going to the left from the 50 yard line to three spots for trap. I have an automatic thrower that I occasionally bring out, mostly if the wife is coming along as she likes that best. Otherwise it’s heavy to drag out of my basement and more or less a pain to set up. I can set up the VTAC barriers wherever, it changes often. They are also heavy and a pain to drag around so they don’t come out usually unless I’m inviting someone to come along.

Beyond the bank I’m standing on is nothing but rolling hills and fields for miles. No structures for at least three miles. The bank is tall enough that no shots go over anyhow.

Wish I had a pic from this last summer as I think it looks a lot better. I mow the range weekly when the grass is growing, like to keep it short as I can. Really looks sharp after a mow.

Something to note, this isn’t my land. A rancher I’m good friends with has let me build this. He’ll come out and shoot with me every now and again, most often after church. He runs cattle here but the cows don’t come over to this corner too often as the steep bank is hard for them to navigate and they don’t like all the spurge brush down there. Frequently on hot days after I mow they will come down to lay in the cleared out spots. They don’t run off when I shoot anymore. Some will stay pretty close. I do not like hitting fresh cow patties with the mower, that really smells bad and makes a mess.



This is from the 150 yard line. The fence line is maybe 15 feet in back of me. You can see the bank I’m shooting into. This day (last winter) was about 15 below and blowing. I was having fun with an old Austrian M95 straight pull shooting 1938 nazi ammo. You really can’t see the range as snow is covering everything up but I wanted to show the bank I was standing on in the previous photo.


That looks like Heaven to me! Thanks for posting the pics. Great your neighbor let’s you use the land to shoot. Do you hunt on it?

Now my range feels soooooo small after seeing yours!


Evolution of the Sims range. Took this next set of pics today after mowing.This is from the top of the bank above and behind of the main rifle targets, looking uprange. My truck is sitting at the 50 yard area. You can see the three paths coming down to the three pistol only areas by the creek. Also you c an see the 100 yard landing a ways behind the truck, as well as the 150 yard landing, but barely.


@Fishbread The only thing missing is… me.


Zooming in to the 100 yard landing, which is the wide cleared spot behind the truck a ways. Also present is a 75 yard deck, which is sometimes used with V-Tac barricades. That is right behind the truck on the left.


I tried to capture the 150 yard landing from the top of the bank but wasn’t very successful. You can kinda see it in the upper left of this pic.


Here is a pic again from the top of the bank looking uprange but focusing on the 50 yard deck. Also shot from here are 4 targets for pistol set at 16 yards. All from that piece of wood to the front and left of the pickup. You can see a small 4" steel gong set at 7 yards from that wood. All targets on this range were bought from Hangfasttargets.com and have about a 15 degree angle when hung, sending all bullet fragments directly into the ground.


This is looking downrange from the leftmost pistol deck. Targets are about 18 yards away. Two 8" Steel on bottom and a 10" circle on top. Sometimes the 10" circle is used at 100 and 150 too. The bottom two targets cannot be seen from those ranges tho.


From the center pistol deck you can see the three main rifle (and pistol) targets, painted black. The square is 12" and the two silhouettes are about 8"X11". These targets get used the most as they are visible from every station. When I was taking pics from the top of the bank I was standing pretty much behind the middle target here but up on top of the bank of course.


This is from the rightmost pistol deck. Only one 10" circle right now. There was a slide that took out one of the target posts that had a 8" square just to the left. That ground is still loose so it hasn’t been replaced yet. This is the last of the three pistol only decks by the creek.


From 50 looking downrange. You can also see the four blue steel targets here that are 16 yards out. These blue targets get a lot of rounds. They are never shot with rifle. Still look new when painted. T-posts can’t say the same tho, they take a beating if you pull one low.


View from 100. This is where I come whenever a new optic needs to be sighted in. Generally just the three black targets on the bank are shot from here altho sometimes we shoot all five visible targets on the bank. Fun to shoot pistols here, it’s a challenge. V-Tacs go up here a lot. This is usually as close as rifles are used from but sometimes during run and gun we will use the 50 yard line too. Unless run and gun I don’t like to get closer with 223 or 308 as it will shorten the life of the steel. This was one of the big reasons I went and built the Almont range too as it offers a lot more distance and variety shooting stations.


View from 150. There is a fence about 10 feet behind me. At the Sims range this is the farthest spot that I keep mowed.


What the 150 yard deck looks like from the side. Big mowed area so I can find brass. Also keeps ticks down.


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Lastly this is the path leading from 150 to 100. During run and gun that little hill really gets you moving.

I had a lot of fun designing this course and maintaining it. This started out as a three gun course (I didn’t take pics of the shotgun area today) but has morphed into a short 2gun-ACM course. Also used whenever I need to have a precise range for sighting something in. Also use the four blue pistol targets extensively in an effort to become better.

When I’m out, this is one of the two places I can be most likely found. The other is the dedicated 2G-ACM range outside of Almont. I will have to mow that one tomorrow. It’s about 10 miles away from this range in a lot hillier ground. One of these days I’ll try to take a video of it.

By the way, anyone driving through, give me a holler and we’ll go shoot!


TexasEskimo, stop drooling and come up and shoot!


@Fishbread Nice Job’ on the Range’ And the Great Post’ Thanks For Sharing Your Great Work.


@Fishbread According to google maps it looks like about a 12 hour drive from Dallas (I always slow down for road construction).
Thanks for the invite… see you in the morning!