Range Day Therapy


Had something new ( to me) happen today. I’m working up ladder charges for my 25-06 Savage. I had some older brass given to me and after cleaning and trimming I was blowing out primers left and right. I bought a no- go gauge for primers ( didn’t know they existed) and found a lot of this brass had to go in the scrap bucket . The next issue , my new Citadel scope moved in the rings even though I had them torqued to 20 inch lb.s! In 50+ years of working with scopes I’ve never had one move after proper base alignment and careful lapping. Pulled the tops , removed the scope and put a light layer of pure silicone top and bottom, and reset the scope. I’m giving it 24 hr.s to cure before I resume .


Good times today

.458 SOCOM from the shoulder. I don’t move when I shoot a .223. this is like shooting a 12ga slug in a bullpup while someone else is shooting directly down the barrel back at you.

My.biddy shooting it and knocking off my red dot.


Back to the range the other day and a new problem. I’m now missing an extractor on my Savage 111. Called them up and they’re sending me an extractor kit for $10.50. I guess it could be worse but I haven’t fired that many rounds out of this gun. It has been sitting in the safe for about 10 years now though.

Originally I pulled the bolt after a failure to extract and the extractor was still there. The detent ball underneath was missing. I had to go and touch it and it fell into the unmowed grass at the range. After 20 minutes or so I gave up trying to find it. So much for range therapy!


Of course it did. Every time. Either that or shag carpet… :laughing:




Spent a little time on the range testing new loads with 165 gr. Golden Saber projectiles from my Glock 22. Also tested the Alpha Wolf AW-2240TH barrel against the factory Glock barrel. The Alpha Wolf beat the factory barrel by a large margin. The AW barrel had 14 in the X ring with 6 in the 10 ring and 5 in the 9 ring. The stock barrel had 2 in the X ring, 12 in the 10 ring, 10 in the 9 ring, and 1 in the 8 ring. Both barrels liked the hotter loads of 6.8grs. of Silhouette powder.
Edited to add, the Glock barrel has a couple thousand rounds at least through it. The Alpha Wolf now has exactly 25 rounds through it.
2nd Edit: Measured the chambers of the Alpha Wolf and the stock Glock barrel. The AW measured @ 0.429", the Glock @ 0.4335". Both barrels measured @ 0.4025" in the valley of the rifling.