Range Day Therapy

This is an ODNR range. They charge $5 a day or $25 a year. Some are manned and others are kinda rough.
I really don’t like shooting at indoor ranges. Ours has a pistol house but it’s open not all closed in.
It does have a wood stove.


We have targets, benches and a roof. Oh and they sometimes mow.

But it’s empty.

Last summer I had to stop shooting once to let a herd of deer pass.


What do you guys use for backin that you pin targets to? Or what does your range have set up? Not talkin about backstop. Do your targets just get hung or pinned to plywood or cardboard. What ive got now at 50 yards started as plywood and as it got shot up ive layerd cardboard over it. For my pistol target stand i use corgated plastic business signs from my construction company cause i have a pile of them.


Cardboard. 18" X 24" fit the frames at the club and is what their provided targets are taped to. I’ve found a 20" wide will fit and will use that from time to time.

These work well too.

When the center is shot out we just recycle them. I’ve cut up various boxes and have an adequate supply, so I don’t worry about replacing them often.


If you can get them, leftover political yard signs make a good backer - and an added incentive even without a target.


Ask for leftover boxes next time your at the grocery store or gas station.


Yeah from ordering stuff and dog bone boxes and i get them from the family dollar up the road. And great thing about cardboard boxes is there free all over the place and after they have served there purpose they can just rot away in the woods. No harm no foul.


Try a rubber rug like you’d put in your garage. Screw it to two 2x4’s top and bottom. Staple your targets to it.


The metal frame of an old real estate sign makes for a good target.


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I was at the local rural king and saw this. Sure it won’t be cheap but it’ll be years and years before you change it out

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Wifey getting it done at The Gathering today.


Not finished with my 100 yard range but last day of march mail in match today and the weather is perfect except for slight breeze. Stapled some cardboard straight to my bullet stop and shot a few targets. Any day outside enjoying life is a good day specially when some range time is involved. Havent done much shooting past 50 60 yards in couple years. Deffently gonna have to get back in practice for the longer shots.