Range Day Therapy

“Doveryai, no proveryai (Доверяй, но проверяй) ‘trust, but verify’,” Suzanne Massie. Ronnie didn’t think it up all by his lonesome but he did make it famous. :ghost: :innocent: :slight_smile:


That first snow…

Near to far: 25yd, 50yd, 100yd, 150yd, 200yd, and 300yd. Just cold enough that I didn’t dial after my sighters. Didn’t wanna take my gloves off. First shot on my match target (ER div), I picked the wrong subtension - held up instead of down - doh!

Guess you really do need therapy if you go to the range on a day like this - lol.
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I just found out about this place. It’s about 25 minutes from my place. 35,000 sq ft of fun. It gets REALLY interesting at the 1:45 mark. :stuck_out_tongue:


We are all waiting anxiously to hear your report! At least I am :wink: I hope you had a great day - matches always are exciting. Plus, I could use that $50 lol - j/k ! Serious, what happened? How did you shoot?

That outfit sure has some big bucks and looking like they know how to spend it. Saw a bunch of celebrities talking about the matches. Hope to hear first hand how it went down.

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So the match was great. The $50 was refunded as promised since i showed up to the match. They provided all the ammo, and even let my son-in-law shoot.

I was able to shoot 2 sets and my high score was 80 out of 100. The high score was 95. I ranked 9th over all out of around 60 participants. They invited me to the final competition in Texas, but have not decided if I am going.


That’s an impressive result! :+1:t3::us:


Awesome! :+1:


Just beat my old AIWB record of .99

My instructor told me going from 1.5 to 1.0 is easier than going from .99 to .90. My goal is still .89
I did this with a hoodie on…

14 shot average was 1.04



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p.s. looks like the app that i have been using.


I used an app (Splits) at the same time a RSO (not my regular instructor) used his electronic competitiojn timer. I took a screen shot after every shot. His timer said there was a .94 on my 11th shot but the only record I have is the app.
I really need to get a timer for my belt (belt is a must, no gate when I practice) so I don’t have to rely on an app or someone next to me. Like my instructor said, shaving off that last .07/.08 is going to take a ton of practice.
Any recommendations on a timer anyone?

Or, any tips on improving?

FYI… this video is less than 1 second…


Many of you already know this about holster practice but I want to share a few suggestions… for someone that may be new to firearms.

When practicing live or dry…

  • NEVER live fire a new draw until you have “dry fired” without ammo. Not just a few times, but thousands of times. It doesn’t take that long to practice 1,000 draws at home… as compared to a hospital stay or in courtroom battle.
  • Pull the trigger on every draw. In a real life defensive situation I would only draw this fast if I intended to pull the trigger. Example, in CQB (Close Quarters Battle).
  • Make it 100% muscle memory.
  • No finger on the trigger until the firearm is out of the holster. It’s not a grip.
  • Learn to “point shoot” at short distances. You may not have time to aquire your sights in a CQB.
  • If it becomes muscle memory you still can adjust. Example… when I was practicing my brain knew “something didn’t feel right” on a draw. My left index finger was farther forward on the slide (and with any compact pistol that can be very bad) and I knew it in an instant. So I adjusted by pulling my finger slightly back and then taking the shot. I didn’t stop… I adjusted.
  • If you mess up, work through it. Don’t reholster. Make the adjustment and take the shot. Even if it takes 10 seconds. This includes… not properly clearing your cover garment with your off-hand, a bad grip, forgot to chamber a round, etc. Fix it and shoot.
  • The majority of time that people accidentally shoot themselves, or someone else, is reholstering (I think like 80%?). In practice, competition, or real life you are never timed on re-holstering. Always “look” your firearm all the way into your holster.
  • You MUST have a high quality holster paired with a high quality rigid belt. None of that nylon crap.

Anyone care to add or offer any dissent?


Yeah, Splits - was working good for me. Timing shot strings, looking for first shot, splits, and total time. Recently, upon closer examination, looked like it was missing shots - maybe too close together? It has setting to adjust what it id’s as a shot and try to ignore other nearby shooters. But I have not found the “magic bullet” yet.

Also starting to look at dedicated shot timers. Splits does export data rather nicely: csv files that can be imported to Excel for charting and analysis.

0 to 30 is my 15-22, 30 to 50 is my Buckmark - shooting 5 shot strings, targets varied 10 to 20 yds trying for speed on target to target. Y axis is seconds per string, x axis is each string, The guys I am shooting with are trying to shave off 1/2 seconds, I need to shave off 2 seconds - lol.

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p.s. my drills and competition shooting all start from “low ready” - no draw and no holsters in Rimfire Challenge. Baby steps :wink: I leave the “run and gun” to @kona for now :+1:


Congrats bud!!


This afternoon, I runned in the EOTech 512 on my new BCA 7.62X39 rifle @ 50yds:

With 3X magnifier:




Went yesterday to try out the m carbo flat trigger I put in my 365. All I can say is WOW.


@slowest how much elevation difference do you have at your 50 “yard” range there? Do you sight in on a flat range 1st to setup your optics?


Guesstimating 30-35 “feet” drop from my deck to the targets’ location.
Dial them in right there. :dart:



Went the other day to the range. On my first target… taking my time, starting at the farthest distance, working my way closer… target was a 9’er. Then the sound came, the quick tinkering of brass falling in secession… “What in the…” i thought. Put my rifle on safe, placed it on the bench and backed out the stall. Eyes went straight to the rifle of the person in the stall. There is was… set to >>>>… full auto.

I wasn’t upset… I was envious.

Then i went back to my semi auto… and mag dumped.



Got to try my Volquartsen today. Runs very well, got the PA ACSS optic zeroed and it’s Hollywood quiet with the Ruger suppressor running CCI subsonic ammo.


I didn’t know Ruger even made suppressors