Range Day Therapy

Exactly my first thoughts. That was my last duty station when I was discharged. Offered a good job till I looked at taxes, politics & housing.


Dirt Sailor - I’ve always said when I leave NJ for good, I’ll have no regrets, but not having that place to go to will now be one of them. Even though they just recently capped the membership at 4200, 90% of the time I go, I’ll usually have whatever range I’m on to myself or 2-3 people tops. I think the most I’ve ever shot with on the big ranges was 6 people. Outside of this place and my business being established here, this state is an f’ing joke.

chilipepper - When we moved to Jackson in 2010, we got as far as having inspections on two different houses on the road that the club is on, less than a 1/4 mile from the entrance. If either of them wasn’t a total disaster, I’m sure that we would have gotten involved in shooting even sooner.


Wifey and I went to the range today as the weather was iffy.
Took her Sig P365, my Zastava M92 with its Wolverine suppressor, sub sonic 7.62 ammo and PSA AK-V with it’s Omega 9 K and sub sonic 9mm.
It was my wife’s first time shooting an AK and she did really well, the sub sonic ammo and Wolverine make it shoot soft and impressively quiet.
As usual, she shot the heck out of her P365!


Got out this morning, along with a couple carbines took the Boss-25 first time to the range with the improvement package. Hits a 100 yard target off hand, about 8"-12" drop compared to 50 yards target. About knocks me over backwards.


Shooting Targets is running a sale on the system below with free shipping included. I ordered one and it was promptly shipped by second-day air. The quality is great and the cost was less than I could make it for.

1 2 3 Mini Shooting Gallery – ShootingTargets7


Got a little P17 plinking time in this evening before dark.



Stopped at the range near the dog groomer for the first time today. DNR range open to the public - very nice place. Had an interesting way they have for “posting” targets at the pistol range:

The target stand is mine cuz I wanted to shoot at 7yds not 50 feet. But at 50 feet is what I found interesting:

Clothes pin your targets to the chicken wire and “armored” backstop uprights! Lol - nice.

p.s. I put about 40 rounds on target in the short time I had - just “ok” not great. Practicing one had shooting both left (weak) and right (dominant.)


Looks like your shooting at DJ Marshmello :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lol - I had to google to find out who that is. Yea, I’m out of touch :rofl:


I only know because of my kid…


KARV 241815Z AUTO 22003KT 10SM -RA OVC010 11/08 A2982

I’m betting at least someone can decode that. Basically: kinda cold and damp. Been working on pistol skills for the past few weeks. One of the stages has 2 targets, side by side; 2 mags (6 rnds and 4 rnds), from ready: shoot 2 on left, 2 on right, 2 left, mag change, 2 right, 2 left. 15 second timer. Getting better but not quite there yet.

John Wick WannaBe

8.5 x 11 at 7 yards. This is an “after” pic - after 4 strings and forgetting to score the last two before the photos.

Perfect score is 50, qualify at 42. I recorded: 14.10, 11.12, 12.62, 11.18 times. Wrote down a 39, 34 then shot the last 2 strings before pasting and scoring the previous one.


I might (been awhile but looks like ATIS), but I know one brother who should have no issues doing so… @AV8R? :grinning:


At your service😉
It’s an automated airport weather report (ASOS) similar to ATIS but compiled by a computer instead of a human.

KARV-Lakeland Airport WI Automated weather observation.
24th Day of month at 18:15 Zulu (Universal Coordinated Time/Greenwich Mean Time)
Wind direction 220 Degrees, Wind speed 3 knots
Visibility 10 Statute Miles
Sky condition: overcast at 1000 ft
Temperature 11 degrees Celsius Dew Point 3 degrees Celsius
Altimeter setting 29.82 inches of mercury.


Told ya! :grinning:

@AV8R, as a reward for your answer, your wife has informed us you’re allowed to buy another gun for your collection without running it by her first…honest as a Boy Scout… :smiling_imp:


Galil 5.56 RNL pistol inbound :rofl::+1:t3:


153 miles from my house, according to Google Maps it’s about a 3 hour drive


It’s the nearest airport with weather reporting to where I live and shoot. Well, KD25 is actually nearer to the other range that I use in Mercer, WI. For 153 miles, it’s probably closer to fly but longer in time: an hour to get to the airport and pre-flight, 1.5 hours en route, and another hour securing the plane, forgetting to close your flight plan, and driving to your destination. :slightly_smiling_face: All that if you have good weather. One big thing that my IFR rating taught me: don’t fly in bad weather!


Getting ready to go to the gun club. I put three different firearms in my range bag that use two different calibers, both calibers end with the number “2”. What are the firearms and what are the calibers?


32 pistol. 22 AR. ?


Hey Don! Been a while :+1:

CZ 70, 32acp

Glock 44, 22lr

AR15, with a 22lr CMMG bolt carrier conversion kit. I left the dust cover open to see the shiny thingy.

Thanks for playing. Here is cookie… :cookie: