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Range day and AR post sight problem

We went to shoot SUBs today and we both have the same one. Gen 2 9mm. Mine was a tad different as I had swapped out the AR post for the red delta so I could see it better. Mine shot very nicely the first few rounds, then I noticed I wasn’t hitting in the same grouping at 25 and 50 yards. Took a look at the front sight post and it was all the way left [when it was much closer to center to begin with]. Tightened the set screw up top and tried again, but it had moved a second time.

Looked at my buddy’s and his looked the same as mine at first then I noticed the little spring leg on his was on the left side looking down at it and mine was on the right. Seems I may have flipped it the wrong way when I swapped it out. Of course my ‘smithing’ tools were back at home 35 miles away and my one tool wouldn’t work to disassemble.

Going to remove and flip it here in a bit, just wanted to make sure I am barking up the right tree. I was on You tube and found the spinner problem for the whole sight right away, but not the post going left problem I have. Anyone else ever find this problem on theirs?


Well the spring move didn’t cut the mustard. Post sight still moving to the hard left after 10 rounds or so. May have to remove the front sight altogether and go with a rail mounted red dot full time. Weird that it does this. Had about 20 rounds through it before the post switch and nothing moved. Now even when tightened down hard it still moves. Very disappointing.


A third problem reared it’s head. The rail up top is slightly askew from the folding sight so when I mounted the red dot it was not lining up vertically. I had removed the front sight so instead I also removed the rear sight from the hinge and mounted the folding AR flip up sights on the rail as far apart as possible. Not ideal but at least now I am lined up from rear to front sight. Don’t care much for the play in the two halves, I can twist one from the other and it’s my guess this has been one of the problems lining up the sights all along. Hopefully the fix I have in place will get me into the bullseye. The folding sight front post is much more stable than the Keltec design.

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Interesting situation you resolved there @DeckArtist (Kelley). Reading your post reminded me to give the SUB2K a fine going over before heading out to the range again. Should be common practice anyway, I just keep forgetting. I’m guessing now your not able to fully utilize the folding position any longer due to the sights on the rail?

It does fold almost all the way closed but now the retainer clip and housing has been removed so it doesn’t hit my cheek. The way I carry it in the range bag it sits vertically so I am only about 2" taller at the barrel end. The locking function was never a useful thing for me once this bag insert was put in.
I’ll get another pic of the end result here in a bit.



@DeckArtist The stock front sight post spring loaded pivot block can create issues. I even went with an aftermarket stainless pivot block but was not satisfied so I installed a Red Lion folding front sight which is just a really nice piece of machining and fits the S2K perfectly.


what brand sight is that stock sub?? ive noticed over the years, some brands run a shorter lighter spring, and bumped when shot. those i changed to longer springs by digging thru the spare spring box. also when clamping on the factory rail on a sub2000 you might have to do a “wedge file maneuver” and true the rail done a few of em to get em right.
now im using these sights. put em on a 458 socom and a 6.5 grendal. no bump at all.on fixed or folder.


@GOBLIN Samson Manufacturing looks like they make some nice stuff, I have had an order in on the A-TM Folding Stock for the Mini 14/30 for months now. It is not a copy or reproduction but made using the original molds and wood which is now walnut from the original stock maker.


I haven’t ruled that one out, it’s nice, just not in the budget right now since I bought a buddy for the S2K this week [Glock 19 Gen 4].

Here’s how it all turned out for this go round…Also a pic of how it fits in the bag I have for it. Locking function is not necessary since it goes from here to the range and back into the bag only…so far. I can always get another locking tab/end cap should I want to return to stock cause I save everything.


and down the rabbit hole we go, thats why i went to the redlion index sys on the gen 1, and probably will on the gen 2. you can rack pack and stack. you just got to leave 1 run MT



What?..I can’t hear you, I’m to far down in this hole! :grin:


If things go as planned, my next truck will have Ramboxes…One side will be a double holster made for the boxes and the SUB will never get folded again.